Sunday, November 29, 2015

The dazzling Colours of Christmas bursting at Robinsons Place Lipa!

A bedazzled Christmas to all! Here I am with the kid-beneficiaries of Robinsons Place Lipa, for another Christmas Mall Lighting and Holiday kick-off party!
As happy as can be. Christmas is in the air, in all Robinsons Malls!
It truly is bright and merry at Robinsons, with their exceptional holiday theme, "One Dazzling Christmas at Robinsons Malls!" Found myself screaming like the girls who packed the place and are smitten with this teen heartthrob and guest for that day, Miguel Tanfelix! Watch him dance in my videos below, and for sure - even if you are old enough to be his mom (like little old me) - you will surely scream and fall for this promising and extremely talented young star too... 
Apart from the total star factor - this affair boasted of grand lights and sights! But at the heart of it all was a testament to what Christmas is all about - sharing our blessings and caring for those who need our aid the most. 
CON you see me? In this blast of CONFETTI, see if you can still spot me... 
The Joy of Sharing & Gift-giving. Thank you Robinsons Malls for giving delight to all these kids, and of course to everyone else who were part of this party! 
But probably, the most blessed part of this wonderful and unforgettable affair was the chance to pass by this lovely chapel in Lipa, near the Robinsons Mall... thank you Lord for your immense blessings!
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Christmas Lights and Sights at Robinsons Place Las Pinas!

Christmas is in the air! I can say that I had such an awesome year when it comes to the Events Host side of me. From packed Halloween gigs, I am now experiencing Christmas affair hosting in full throttle and I am far from complaining! Please check out the video of this mesmerising event at Robinsons Place Las Pinas: 
I am so thankful that the Good Lord continues to bless me with energy to take on the things I love! So, for my first of many Christmas events, I got the pleasure of leading the Christmas lighting ceremonies and Jungle Book Holiday Photo Wall Launch in Robinsons Las Pinas! Hope you like my shimmering & splendid sequined dress! 
And of course, with the esteemed guests, starting with celebrity performer, Jerome Ponce, and our VIPs from the local government and Robinsons Mall Management: 
From the photo wall on the second level, we all flew back down to the event hall again... 
So much love and joy to share this day... Merry Christmas, kids and to the kids-at-heart too!
Photo above: Me with teen heartthrob Jerome (who is young enough to be my baby brother) and beyond this Selfie were his many lady fans who were ready to claw at us just to touch their idol.. it was beyond crazy!!!
So many more events this Christmas season that I haven't written about thanks to a very blessed and packed schedule! But I ain't complaining! In fact, I have never been this busy and something tells me this is only the beginning! Wishing us all love, joy and the fulfilment of our many dreams - one exciting dream at a time! 
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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A VICTOR-ious time with Frankenstein!

Death is only a temporary state. Indeed, I find it amusing how two of my most favorite literary masterpieces of all time – the classic tale, Frankenstein, and of course, the timeless, Harry Potter series (I’ve been going crazy about next year’s debut of The Cursed Child – but let’s save that for another post) feature Daniel Radcliffe, of Harry Potter fame. But more than the same person in both fiction opuses, what truly lurches in my mind is how both stories are set on the foreboding blanket of death, and the take of each respective author toward death – being something temporary, conquerable, consequential. Indeed, how both stories seem to zero in on the premise (or promise?) that Death is never the end.
This time, Radcliffe jumps down from his high-flying (literally, and hops off his Nimbus 2000 broomstick) character and down to being a hunchback circus buffoon who finally receives a name, “Igor,” thanks to the vile Victor Frankenstein (played by James McAvoy) whose Life was centered on Death. While a much-reviled circus clown, surprisingly Igor (Radcliffe) was a self-taught doctor of sorts and I was almost happy for him during his exeunt from the circus – only to lead a more antagonistic life, finally understanding the root of the sinister Victor Frankenstein’s fascination with bringing the dead back to life.
At one of the most gripping, foretelling scenes at the enisled castle that served as the unlikely duo’s home, people died – only to give way to the monstrous creature that finally with lighting and ghastly sorts of tricks – finally come to life. The scenes that followed after were just like lightning, you anticipate them but you won’t exactly know when the excitement will strike; the action will keep you at the edge of your seats, taking you to places you only know to be in your nightmares; plus the movie's well-written lines in majuscule proportions add to it being one victorious oeuvre! Check out these awesome BTS photos courtesy of 20th Century Fox Philippines: 
Nope, that is not LECHON that a hungy-looking James Mc Avoy and director McGuigan are looking at.. Intrigued? Just head to theaters now to see your greatest imagination (and nightmares) come to life! 
     And lastly, to the men- feel free to bring your ladies too as while I don’t want to ruin this adventure, there is still the romantic, happily-ever-after part of it that will make you swoon and realize that hunchbacks (especially those with Zeal for knowledge and Leal for just one lady) don’t remain hunchbacks forever. There is indeed life after death (as we die every day in different ways without even realizing it), and most of all, truly a much better life flourishes when we learn to rise with a clearer mind and kinder heart. I know the monster in you is raring to see it! So go and set yourself free!
A monstrously big, big Thank-You to Mr. Francis Soliven, the lovely Ms. Mae Vecina and the rest of the awesome guys over at 20th Century Fox for this thrilling big screen adventure!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

EATs the most wonderful time of the year... Yummy Eats 2015!

 Welcoming Yummy Magazine readers, entrepreneurs, connoisseurs & foodies to this Food-tastic, Food-nomenal Cool-inary adventure: Yummy Eats 2015: A Holiday Food Festival! 
Can't help but sing one of my favorite Christmas jingles... "EATs the most wonderful time of the year..." Yes indeed, the Yummy Eats 2015, the most anticipated culinary event of the year brought together by Summit Media's Yummy Magazine and ushered the most exciting season with nothing but the most mouthwatering eats and splendid activit-EAT-ies! 
Above, I came extra early to prepare but lo and behold; all the foodies came extra early too! Indeed, many Yummy readers and food connoisseurs lined up early in the morning to catch the festivities... 
The HUNT'S Combi Van where we gave away tons of goodies such as product packs and recipe books to all Food HUNT-ers who celebrated with us that day... They also gave away yummy eats which and all I can say was... "HUNTS-ARAP!"
Here I am sharing the stage with the lovely Ms. Paulynn Chang-Afable, Editor-in-Chief of Yummy Magazine! I am so honored to work with you and the rest of your talented, dynamic and dedicated Yummy Magazine and editorial team! Forever thankful for the Yummy experience!
And now we award the awesome twosome, sisters Trixie and Meg Tansiongco - the beauty and brains behind PUFFT, this year's people's choice awardees! I have known ate Trixie, events whiz extraordinaire way back, and I am so proud and happy for all you - and your family - have achieved! Congratulations for a well-deserved award! People were raving about your humongous marshmallows; the sweetest gifts you can give this season! My personal favorite flavor was the mint marshmallows, but for sure you'll all go crazy with all the other flavors when you get their delectable and freshly-made Pufft marshmallow gift sets! 
Can't get ENOUGHFFT of PUFFT!!! Order right now; this is the sweetest and not to mention uniquely extraordinary gift you can give this Christmas! Have a very merry and PUFFT-astic Christmas!  
 And of course, forever thanks to my Summit Media events family... Here's four of the dynamic Summit events team: Neil, Kaye, Nikki and JC. Thank you!!!
Just got LOCK-y... These gals and guy were so fortunate as they walked away with a bag of treats each only from GOLDILOCKS... Big smiles even after they chugged down yummy mamon after yummy mamon! Lucky... or (Goldi)LOCK-y indeed!
HATTENTION!!! Before heading home, I was blessed enough to walk away with a bag of yummy Japanese custard creme filled goodies from HATTENDO. The bread was oh-so-light & fluffy, and the fillings were subtle and creamy; just heavenly! Every single bite was simply Hawesome... Hamazing and Hunforgettable!!! 
I am forever grateful to be part of such a YUMMYazing, YUMMYmorable and YUMMYtastic experience! Won't run out of YUMMY descriptions of this event!
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Thursday, November 12, 2015

My SPOOK-Tacular time as Jungle Queen for SM Makati Halloween!

Welcome to my SPOOK-tacular jungle party! See those arches? These tricky tree branches lead all the way to another awesome Howl-o-ween party! So in my last two events I was a fairy, and then I was a mummy (Queen of the Nile) and now, I am queen of the spooky Jungle right here at SM Makati! Can you spot my other wicked lady friend below, you know her as Maleficent... 
This blog is up today, Friday the 13th and this completes my Halloween Hurrah! A Hallo-WINNER I was indeed this previous season, for I was able to emcee for tons of Halloween events and parties! This one was for SM Makati, where I had tons of fun! But before my crazy photos, let me share my video clip as I gladly did the roar-call as queen of the party jungle scene; just click my video below (Warning: I am wearing long, freaky Halloween lashes so brace yourselves; Graphic Craziness indeed): 
And of course I shared the happiness with the kids and the kids-at-heart there too; I guess that there will always be that little kid in me swinging from tree to tree, only this time, it's my microphone that I get to swing around! 
Thank you so much, SM Makati for letting me host your awesome events for the third straight year now! Love being an events host (and I love the treats and fringe benefits that go with my uncanny talking tricks!)
DOH you wanna party with us? We had PLAY-DOH Purple and Blue in the house too! 
Thanks for visiting and this wraps up my Halloween hosting saga for soon, comes the Holiday hosting craze! I am just so excited to 'sleigh' (slay) in my next Christmas hosting jobs! Don't forget to click these links below... 
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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Having a Ball at Boo York with my Monster High crew!

It is an absolute dream to finally fly to New York City, which I consider a step to fulfil a lifelong dream. But for now I had so much Halloween fun at Boo York, as I hosted this year's biggest Monster High halloween ball, in celebration of Monster High's TV Special, Boo York: A Monsterrific Musical! Below, meet me and my Monster Crew... don't we make you wanna be a Monster too? 
As usual, I came dressed in my favourite blue-and-gold glammy mummy inspired get-up and just had so much fun! This probably is the biggest Monster High event we've had, for more than just the much-awaited Meet & Greet and spook-tacular, it also featured a fang-fastic fashion show as well as a boo-sical performances and dance showdowns! The place was absolutely packed with ghouls and monster high fans! 
 BOO Yeah!!! I am at it again, doing what I looooooooove to do! 
But apart from the fun games, here are my backstage photos with some of our costume parade winners! Their ghoul-tastic outfits are from the Fashion Capital of the Monster world indeed, Boo York! Don't forget my own design too, hope you like my regal Glammy Mummy Queen of the Nile look!  Move over Cleopatra! Yup, Boo York will do for now until I finally find myself in New York! 
 Most of all, thanks so much to my Richprime Family... Always fang-tastic to work with you and getting an excuse to be all Ghouled Up! Here I am below with Ms. Ivy Mauhay, Marketing head and Ms. Josie Atayde: