Saturday, June 20, 2015

It's a Jungle (and an Adventure) out there!

So many takeaways indeed from my recent hosting gig from Friso Four, the highly-anticipated and well-attended, Friso Fun Raiders activity, held at the Podium Mall! Here are my brief learnings from this exciting Mommy & Kid adventure: 
1. The world is a magnificent, yet dangerous place. Thus, it is always important to stick close to the pack. And by this, I mean your family - the people who truly love and care for you - who will be by your side no matter what. It is important for kids to know that they are backed by a loving - though imperfect pack - who will be there to support them always. And for moms and dads, it's awesome to know too that we can also have our packs outside of our homes, like-minded moms and dads who can be the community that helps build our little kids. I love my family and small group of friends - this small pack that I belong to. The world is totally a scary place, but you will need your family's support to get you through. And I pray that my son will always find himself secure with us. 
2. To lead the pack, you gotta learn how to listen. I think this tenet applies not just to parents who need to learn to decipher their kids' needs, but also everywhere else - at the workplace, day-to-day living and most especially among our country's leaders. It can't just always be roaring about your might - you must also know what your pack (your family) needs, to arrive at the proper solution. Just like me as an event host, while I keep talking on stage with my energy up, I must also learn how to be sensitive to the needs of my audience, the client, the production team and of course, my new-found friends - the moms and dads who came there to enjoy and learn more. Oh, and let's not forget my little boy who likes to tag along to my events. I have to learn how to balance my work as a professional events host, while making sure that he is always safe, and happy. And that leads us back to having people in our pack, who we can rely on and momentarily entrust our little ones to. 
3. Just be happy, and give it your all. I am really so fortunate to be able to host events - to do what I love to do - while fulfilling my obligations as a manager in my day job, and of course being a mom as well. I have finally learned to live in the moment, to appreciate what I have now. I have grown out of my terrible habit of looking back or sometimes wishing to be somewhere else or leading another person's life - when I have my own imperfect yet still so blessed, wonderful life to take care of, and appreciate. 
- Marylaine Louise Viernes 

Hosting the Friso Fun Raiders event at Mothercare Podium

I am still buzzing from excitement and delight after hosting another Friso Four activity, this time in partnership with Mothercare: "FRISO FUN RAIDERS." Last month, it was called the "Friso Fun Camp," and this time kicked it up a notch higher - with more daring adventures, learning and fun! IAs an event host - I even loved dressing the part, with my lion-jungle-safari OOTD: 
Here I am with one of our adorable little adventurers at Friso Fun Raiders: 
Look at how packed the place was! Totally a memorable jungle expedition! 
And here I am doing what I do best, with the one I love the most! I will forever be thankful to be able to live out my passion as an event host, while I keep up with Mummy Duties!
Thanks for dropping by and I hope to see you again, Moms, Dads, kids - the entire gang and all, for our next Friso Fun Adventures in July!!!  
- Marylaine Louise Viernes 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Be "FRI" to live Life to the fullest!

Looking back about 4 years ago, I could never imagine life having a child. But now, I can never imagine life without my son! Yes the first few years of his life have been the most precious years of my life. Before being a mum, Parenthood for me sounded truly daunting! But then, it actually set me free, and unlocked a strength I never knew before. As a self-declared FRISO Mum to a smart and energetic FRISO Kiddo, has set me FRI (Free)! 
My son loves his milk! I ensure he is nourished properly, with the best-tasting and nutritious milk brand, which also gives me more value for my money. Plus the makers of FRISO are so thoughtful they actually have a holder for the scooper, to prevent dirty fingers from contaminating the milk. Here's my Godric Matthew enjoying activities with a refreshing cup of FRISO FOUR! 
Yes, while I make sure to take care of him the best way that I can, and nurture all aspects of my son's being, especially on the crucial first 7 years of life (and then before you know it, I have an angsty teenager), I still get to be ME. Sure, I am less of a risk-taker this time for I have to live for him, but I am still FRI to live out my passions such as being an event host on weekends and of course, having my career on weekdays. But my son is, and will always be my first priority.
Peek-a-boo, I see you! I am such a playful mom - I am guilty of being a spoiler. I can't help it, I just enjoy playing with him all the time! Each day, no matter how busy or tired I am, he demands for a meal & chat together, bargains with me to have 3 to 5 bedtimes stories instead of just one. And I am more than happy to feed, nourish and nurture his curious mind! 
I am a proud F.R.I.S.O Mom! For me, this is what Friso stands for, and how our favourite milk continues to shape my son and I to who we ought to be: 
Fearless & Free - I've always been a risk-taker, to a foolish point sometimes. But now I still follow my heart and dream fearlessly. I strive hard to rise from my past mistakes and make smarter choices for myself and my very own Friso Kiddo. 
Responsible - I am accountable for my choices. Again, I've made terrible mistakes in the past but my son gives me the greatest reason to move forward and become better each day. I value my son the most, and seeing him succeed someday soon - at what he loves - surpasses my personal successes! 
Independent & Inspired - When it comes to my son, I make sure that all his needs are met - especially financially. That he is never deprived. I try to expose him and am proud to share that he's been to 3 countries already and I hope to take him to his first US trip soon! I want to equip him with good memories and most of all, protect him at all times. Okay, so I overdo the protectiveness but let's save that for another post. All I know is that I am driven and inspired more than ever because I want to give my son the best! From the major life choices, to his everyday vital needs such as choosing his milk - nothing but the best, nothing else but FRISO FOUR for him! 
Strong - "I am a Mother, so I can be anything I want to be." And this adage is actually true! I juggle my fulfilling career in this exciting new job with my passion as an event host and an aspiring writer. And the crown of it all is being a proud and doting mom! There's still so much I have to and want to do, and thanks to The One watching over my son and I, we will get there! Jesus Christ empowers me, and He has gifted me with this boy that just keeps me going. And for my son, he is able to keep up with his strong and energetic mom, thanks to Friso Four! He drinks like 4-5 glasses a day!   
Overjoyed - Every moment with my son is just simply a moment of joy and awe. Even if he has wiggled out of his baby days into an athletic young boy (I will always miss and cherish those toddler days when he was round and plump), I still love kissing him and just watching him grow up fascinates me! Like every other mom, I nominate my son to be the Nth Wonder of the World! 
Below: Here I am below with one of the adorable little adventurers who joined our last 2 events for FRISO FOUR, led by Royal Friesland Campina and Alaska Milk Corporation. Being a mom just expands your love and appreciation for your son and his friends! Will be blogging about my Friso Four FUN RAIDERS event next!
Thanks for dropping by and I hope that like me, you to can be FRI (free) to do anything you want to be! It's never too late, and you can start that by letting yourself become a Friso Mum, and entrust your little ones to only the best, like FRISO FOUR! And lastly, I have graduated from chugging down Friso Mum which I drank back when I was pregnant, to now enjoying a glass of FRISO FOUR with my son. Try it too, Moms and Dads! Feel "FRI" to enjoy a yummy glass of Friso Four, with your little ones! 
- Marylaine Louise Viernes 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Starting June with a Boom! Our Blasteriffic BoomCo Party

I am just super delighted to once more emcee for an event where I can take my son along on a sunny Sunday - yes we were at the Boomco party! And it was all fun with those toy guns! This is another amazing brand from Richprime Global Inc. and Mattel, who I am thankful to for trusting me to emcee for their awesome events for more than 5 years now! Don't have to talk much, just watch this video clip, showing me having fun as I did what I love most - hosting events (and dressing up and putting on wild hair color extensions and faux tattoos) and my son-slash-partner-in-crime doing what he does best too, and that's being a great kid! Please try to decipher what I was saying amid the noisy background of equally charged and excited parents like myself. Click the link below to see video on Youtube:
Below: Look at my son and his winning team. Their passion, intensity, and you can already tell their personalities through this adorable photo: 
Thanks for dropping by my blog today; have a Boom-tastic week ahead! PS: Here's my Blast-from-the-past Pic. My son on the right, less than a year old, looking all cute and funny. On the left, him looking all handsome. He's changed so much, and my love continues to grow as he does... 

- Marylaine Louise Viernes