Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Total Glee with Total Girl!

I love being a girl again! I feel that I have finally evolved into a woman, with the different roles I treasure as a mom, a corporate girl, and striving entrepreneur, but it is essential to always keep that little girl inside of me. As a mom, I enjoy playtime with my adorable boy. At work, I always have to keep churning new ideas out. I also help out with my parents' small businesses, and of course there are still those dreams I have yet to fulfil. 
In the meantime, I try my best to juggle it all, and that is why I am thankful that my hosting work - especially with Total Girl Magazine events - help me develop new ideas, and I get to savor some of the indefatigable good vibes from all the beautiful and smart Total Girls I meet. So let's look at the recent - totally awesome and exciting - Total Girl event held at Elizabeth Seton School: 
 Total Girl and 3m (Post It and Scotch) made sure that the girls unleashed their creativity with awesome activities that made their imagination run wild. 
My college degree is BSE English Linguistics. I am a licensed teacher too! Although I am not a full-time professor, I get to teach and enjoy during my hosting jobs. I am also my baby boy's teacher (we are trying to get serious with Basic Mandarin, he can now say 'Hello,' 'Good Morning,' 'I love you,' and 'Good Night,' in Mandarin) but perhaps we save that for another blog post! 
 Total Girl Big Sis, Beam Mariano all smiles as she wows the Setonian Total Girls with her impressive handcrafted products! An artsy entrepreneur with a big heart (and a big smile too). Visit shopartwine.com to see more of her crafts!
 And of course our other beautiful TG Big Sis, Ines Bautista - Yao below, talking about she fulfilled her magnificent dreams. You can tell most of the kids in the crowd look up to her (especially the biggest kid there - me!)

Loved the well-rounded activity that talked about reaching for your dreams, overcoming your fears, making and keeping great friends and more. I have come to learn that DREAMS need BFFs too, in order to come alive. They are: 

Determination. Never stop, no matter how hard it seems to be. Everything is hard at first, so commit to your vision. Stay focused, always. Responsibility. You need to be accountable for everything you do towards your dreams. Own up to your mistakes, learn from them and continue to better yourself! Energy and Excitement. To keep the dream alive, you must continue to believe in it, even if nobody does at first. Never give up! Action. Turn that energy into something good. Don't wait for the perfect opportunity for it never comes. Make it. Carve it. Chase it, right now! 
Mentors. Okay, so you have an awesome idea, all the 15-year old energy in the world, but are you heading on the right path? Listen to wisdom of people who have been there, and who  genuinely care for you, to help ensure you are on the right track.  Simplicity. So I really wanted to put in HUMILITY for I have seen how important true humility is. So be simple and humble always. HUMILITY is the foundation of all the other good values that you will need for the journey. (D.R.E.A.M.S.)

Thank you so much, Total Girls! Stay sweet, joyful and don't stop believing in your dreams! - Marylaine Louise Viernes