Monday, November 9, 2015

Of Fairies and Furries: My Furrific and Furtastic Sky Life Halloween!

I am so blessed to meet Ms. Chrissy Caballero of SKY Life who continues to believe in me. And it's been SKY-tacular since I started hosting for some of their events, which have each been nothing short of fairy tales! My last one was the 'Celebrations fair' where I got to lead a dreamy ballroom of princes, princesses, queens, knights and more all in the search to find the most ball-tastic party suppliers and treats! Here I am below soaring at Nuvali! 
Thanks to Ms. Chrissy and her co-marketing head, Sir Delbert, I was once more entrusted to emcee for one of SKY LIFE's biggest events - held at and in partnership with Nuvali: Night Sky Cinema Presents Furry Tales! But first... a Fairy Selfie... wow, this has got to be the biggest event I have emceed for, I heard over 3,000 people came! I am truly so honored! My excitement and glee, you can definitely say that the SKY is the limit!  
 And another Selfie please... you don't get to be a fairy in front of 3,000+ people every day... 
This event was one-of-a-kind for this was a family affair, and by family I meant that this included their paw-some, paw-riffic family members! Yes there were so many adorable furries who came to enjoy, win prizes and of course watch three awesome movies in the endless night sky, curled up in the grass, that even if the sun no longer shone, the warmth of family and friends radiated brighter than ever! 
Can you say a-DORA-ble? Ain't this naughty little lady above so adorable? Here we are chilling backstage in her cute Dora the Explorer get-up with matching devil horns as we waited for the costume parade to begin... 
Ghoul is Cool. This was also a Howl-o-Ween party, so again I had the excuse to be myself, a Fairy (I really am a fairy, I swear) but not just any fairy... but a Furry-loving Fairy! I was Fairy Godmother to the bow-wow-riffic pets and their loving pet owners that day! And I got to pose beside cute characters and even scary ghouls!!! 
 Right after the movie, How to Train your Dragon, I lost my Fairy Wings and grew Dragon ears! Well... okay so they are actually bat ears and wings... so I guess I can still fly! Here we are flying high and rolling with one of the many fun games that night! This game is called FUR or NO FUR? These furry pup and kitten photos are too cute!!!
 We had games for kids - and also for those who like me - are forever kids inside!!! This one is a fun barkada game and you can see we all had a blast!
Thanks again to Ms. Chrissy and Sir Delbert for a memorable opportunity! Looking forward to more events with SKY LIFE! This is really the life: Having fun, doing what you love and sharing your joy with family and friends, and making even more friends!