Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Read how Shopwise and Mommy Mundo teamed up for a very nice Surp-Wise!

SHOPWISE has given me fond memories back when I was around high school age. I recall how my family and I would always go there for some delectable apple pie, fresh breads, during the time when it was very therapeutic to come to the grocery store without breaking the bank. 
Today, I am so glad to have partnered with Shopwise and Mommy Mundo for their Homewise events, where moms from all over town came to learn how they too, can be "Wise" when it came to cooking, parenting their children better and living a great life within budget. And because they were all wise, many of them walked away with wonderful freebies and prizes!
Thank you so much Mommy Mundo and Shopwise for letting me lead this empowering experience! We all learned how to make Tres Leches cake and lasagna pizza rolls! Yum! 
No one came home empty handed, everyone got a freebie and a special prize. Even moi! Look how the sweet Shopwise team gave me a pack of goodies to bring home to my not-so-little boy too!
Plus, we had to thank these lovely mommies, especially Chef Golda Liamzon who taught us how to live the good life and make good and healthy food every day while being money wise! 
We had so many mommies, and even daddies in attendance! The official count was close to 300. Wow! And now, here is a glimpse of my opening spiels video:  
And lastly, a clip where  did some pre-event voice overs... 
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