Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mission A-CAMP-lished: Hosting the successful first leg of the Friso Fun Camp 2015!

I am still so, so excited whenever I think of the energizing and empowering time I had at the Friso Fun Camp in Rustan's Makati. It was attended by hundreds of kids (and kids-at-heart), who were all treated in four different stations, namely the Arts, Sports, Music and Learning! Best of all, I had my own funny little camper who was so delighted each time he earned a badge in his little camper / scout sash. To this day, he loves wearing his camp essentials - the Friso camp cap and of course the fun Friso back pack!
Fun Camp's this Way >>> And what's the best thing is that I'll be the official host for the rest of the year's Fun camp parties! I am just so thankful for that. 
Please watch my videos on Youtube as well, just search for my channel, Marylaine Viernes plus check out my separate blog feature below on the Friso Fun Camp Press launch held right before our Fun Camp Festivities. 
- Marylaine Louise Viernes