Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Smooth Sailing with Augustea Philippines' first-ever Crew Conference

I sailed through worlds when I got the honor of being the Master of Ceremony for Augustea Ship Manning Philippines' first Crew Conference. It was an empowering and unforgettable 2-day Conference and I am thankful to be part of it. First stop: I reveled through the high seas of business wisdom and immersed myself in the vast "Inform-Ocean" from listening to the esteemed speakers. I learned so much about the Maritime industry, especially in this country. 
Second was that I had learned how this well-respected industry has made heroes out of ordinary men. Sailors or "Marinos" grow with the trade, leaving home and comfort behind, weathering the rough seas all to give their families a bright future. And what's most important is how they literally keep the economy floating and sailing in the right direction, as Seafarers are among the largest remittance contributors among the overseas Filipino Workers, contributing much in volume and value.
And lastly, this meaningful journey ended in knowing the wonderful Terrei Family, led by Captain Nicolo Terrei and his wife, business ingenue, Ms. Proserfina Terrei. I am so glad to know them and most especially their beautiful daughter, President of Augustea Ship Manning Phils Inc., Ms. Grace Labrusca Terrei, who has trusted me to host this phenomenal, eye-opening activity. I met other members of the Terrei family too and they were all genuinely kind and brilliant! To summarize, Day 1 was all about the company (relatively new, being only 1 year in Operation), the plans and the policies of the trade, and Day 2 was more on the needs of the Seafarers signed with Augustea, and a peek into the many amazing plans Augustea Philippines has in store for all of them. Talk about motivation! 
After the two amazing days of relevant talks, we capped it with a night of fellowship, song, dance and wine. And I am just astounded at how disciplined these seamen are! From the cadets to the captains, they were all very polite and pleasant! It was a fun time and I felt safe even if those gentlemen knew how to own the night and seize the dance floor! They all deserve the good life they are now happily sailing to... Congratulations to the Seafarers and to Augustea Ship Management Inc! More success to come to you all! 
Mabuhay ang Augustea Ship Manning Phils.! Mabuhay ang mga Bayaning Marino! (Long-live Augustea, and our modern-day heroes, the Filipino Seafarers! 

- Marylaine Louise Viernes 

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