Saturday, June 13, 2015

Starting June with a Boom! Our Blasteriffic BoomCo Party

I am just super delighted to once more emcee for an event where I can take my son along on a sunny Sunday - yes we were at the Boomco party! And it was all fun with those toy guns! This is another amazing brand from Richprime Global Inc. and Mattel, who I am thankful to for trusting me to emcee for their awesome events for more than 5 years now! Don't have to talk much, just watch this video clip, showing me having fun as I did what I love most - hosting events (and dressing up and putting on wild hair color extensions and faux tattoos) and my son-slash-partner-in-crime doing what he does best too, and that's being a great kid! Please try to decipher what I was saying amid the noisy background of equally charged and excited parents like myself. Click the link below to see video on Youtube:
Below: Look at my son and his winning team. Their passion, intensity, and you can already tell their personalities through this adorable photo: 
Thanks for dropping by my blog today; have a Boom-tastic week ahead! PS: Here's my Blast-from-the-past Pic. My son on the right, less than a year old, looking all cute and funny. On the left, him looking all handsome. He's changed so much, and my love continues to grow as he does... 

- Marylaine Louise Viernes