Friday, September 1, 2017

Ready to party as I hosted the Shopkins Season 7 Join the Party event!

Here I was in my bright pink-and-electric-blue-element as I invited everyone to "Join the Party" in celebration of the launch of Shopkins Season 7!
Below is one of my videos hosting during the fun games... check out the crowd! Jam-packed with Shopkinatics like me!
And here is another clip of this memorable party... watch! 
And... another! This time, this clip, shows me doing my voice-overs... third video clip in a row, you guessed it, we forgot to take photos; only videos, LOL. (Insert embarrassed li'l monkey Emoji here)
I just loved this party! Don't you feel the energy? Thank you Shopkin for having me, giving me an excuse to come up in my Shopkins best... you know, brightly colored outfits, crazy accessories, icy bright blue highlights and my cutesy pink high tea head band... the works! 
Hooray! Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog today, and catching a glimpse of this memorable Shopkins party I hosted! Have a Shopkintastic day ahead! 
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