Friday, April 13, 2018

Sun and smiles: SM Kids Fashion Casting Call invades the Mall of Asia runway!

Girls just wanna have fun! I certainly had so much fun hosting, mentoring and modelling too at the SM Kids Fashion Casting Call, this time at SM Mall of Asia! But first, let me pose for the camera... 
And another one... forgive me, this doesn't happen everyday, LOL. 
Okay, so here I was waiting for my turn onstage to introduce the models as they rehearsed for their grand runway debut... to be very honest this was quite a difficult hosting gig as it was held at the one place I dislike the most - the Music Hall! So far I've done almost a dozen events in this same spot and each time it's been a challenge... good thing I could keep cool as I absolutely love this job! 
I struggled with my energy level as it was scorching hot; but I always gave my best; let's watch my opening vid...
And of course my event closing spiels and some of the mentoring I've done at this event follows below... thanks so much for visiting today; see you at the next SM Kids Fashion events! 
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