Tuesday, August 23, 2016

tRolling on the floor laughing: My TROLL-ific TROLLS Movie Review!

Meet Poppy, Branch and the Trolls' newest recruit, my beloved Matty below during the press premier of TROLLS! Many thanks to 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers Philippines for your awesome invite to the movie I've been waiting for! This is the perfect movie this Halloween season so please catch this troll-ific flick this weekend! It's worth every peso!  
"....... Cause I got that sunshine in my pocket, got that good song in my feet..... I feel that hot blood in my body when it drops..... I can't take my eyes up off it, moving so phenomenally..... you gon' like the way we rock it, so don't stop..... !
I have been playing this phenomenal song by my forever favourite male artist J.T. (and his bright, electric blue eyes and inexhaustible energy) since last week, during the press screening of Trolls at Glorietta 4 Cinemas, all thanks again to Mr. Francis Soliven of Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox! Justin Timberlake provided the cool soundtrack of the TROLLS movie, apart from lending his voice to the movie, giving life to Troll Branch! 
This colorful (literally) feel-good movie harks me back to the time when I was a young girl and those troll toys with the funky, colourful hair (move over, Barbie) were all the rave! I recall my very own Troll as a child (I wonder where she is now, hopefully not in some horrible Bergen's stomach); she was about several inches tall, with blazing ruby red hair!
So back to TROLLS, the movie was as thrilling-cute-hopeful-happy-awesome-bright-crazy as I had imagined it to be, especially as my family and I had a taste of it in a special trailer being shown at Dreamplay about a month ago, when I celebrated my birthday at the Hyatt City of Dreams Manila. Godric Matthew in photo below; it was such a memorable experience, but watch out for that on a separate blog post soon! 
Basically, this is adventure involves funny Poppy, who, with the help of Branch ventures to save her subjects, captured by the nasty Bergens who feast on them for that fleeting happiness. Through this journey, they discover new friends (who may not always be what they seem) and had their own set of heartbreak thanks to one of their own kind betraying them, giving Poppy, most especially, a bite of reality, a totally different pop of color from the glee she had long been accustomed to and what actually got them into their journey in the first place. 
Expect a ton of laughter - the humor is perfect for both the kids and the kids-at-heart, and there are so many twists at every turn! In the end, our adorable, bright and wide-eyed heroes will not only be able to save their kind, but also teach their nemeses that they too can be happy, sans the gory practice of feasting on Trolls for that fleeting moment of happiness (I mean, come on, Bergens, why would you want to make these cute fluffy-haired trolls your happy pills?). And as in most remarkable family flicks, the adventure shares a hue of red... do our two adorable chracters, Poppy and Branch fall in love? You have to rush to your favorite cinemas to see it for yourselves! Give the family a treat this halloween too, get Trolling along! Here's another pic of Matty - this time he is already trying to escape from the Trolls, mistaking Poppy and Branch for Bergens!!!
You will fall in love with the story of TROLLS: the happiness, the glitters and the colorful hair! Oh, and speaking of brightly colored hair, here was my event the next day - for Nuvali Night Sky Cinema, thanks to my Sky Cable / Sky Life / One Sky Family and Ayala Malls Solenad (please forgive me for not being able to accept your Halloween event this coming weekend due to a family trip planned way back; but I know it will be awesome! Same thing to ATC too but I love you guys, I love AYALA MALLS!) So, here's my troll look for the event I've hosted - with over 18,000 people in attendance! I can conquer the world with this hair color! And probably, learn to scrapbook like Poppy... and I can do anything! 
Watch for my blog post on this cool Halloween event soon with my beloved Sky Cable Family who I will be forever thankful too... especially Ms. Chrissy and her smart, handsome son Lyndel! This is the life... the #SkyLife! We are all under #OneSky! 
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