Monday, June 13, 2016

Exceeding my vision as I host for EPSON not just once but twice! Yes, it's EPSON for life!

Let's Get it on with EPSON has been my usual battle cry. For the past two years, I had been so blessed to be their master of ceremony for their annual business reviews and awards nights. This year, I have been doubly blessed as I was able to emcee for not just one, but two big recognition and business reviews, something which I will forever cherish and look forward to doing for the coming years. A big, big thank you to Sir Jeff Marasigan who first believed in me, and then to the rest of his team mates who allowed me to grow with them and celebrate their years of success! Let me begin with Moving Up Together, which was held at the Isla Ballroom of Shangri-la Hotel... my was it one unforgettably exquisite night! 
The ballroom was packed! Surely, this year saw to more guests than past two years' annual business review and awards night events...
There were so many sweet treats that night... check out these wonderful, dainty, bite-sized pastries: madeleines and cheesecakes bites... if I wasn't hosting that night I would've eaten more! Truly yummy and made extra special for they were personalized... no, more like EPSONalized or EPSONified! 
View my video below as I shared an anecdote that evening. I continue to live out one of my dreams as an events host... all thanks to brands who trust me, just like the world-renowned brand, EPSON. Thank you!
And a week before Moving Up Together with EPSON (where I had my hair straight and my clothes the color of the EPSON brand), I also had the honor of hosting for EPSON, but this time for the consumer division led by Ms. Theresa Tuazon Javalera. This time it was held at the hottest club in town: Revel at the Palace, Uptown BGC! The perfect venue for the hottest brand in the market! Is this hot or too cool!?!
Isn't it obvious that I had so much fun? Speaking as we celebrated business success and strong relationships...  and then enjoying phenomenal music and vibes after... yes, right after our memorable programme, we partied the Epson way! 
 I love EPSON Philippines forever... of course, here I am doing the ceremonial 'stand beside the banner for branding' pose! Thank you and more power to EPSON! 
Thank you Ms. Theresa for the astounding confidence in me! I enjoyed this fantastic night of excellence! Again, thank you Sir Jeff for all your support! To everyone, please do not forget to visit  and click on the Official Website of EPSON Philippines today!
To end, I think the real question is (and I asked myself this too)... do you think I should have my hair straight or wavy? Appreciate your comments and e-mails all the time! 
Much love, 
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