Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Another Dream comes alive at the Sky Life Dreamland...

"Don't dream your life away... Live out your dreams each day..." 
Yes, I can say that this wonderful adage truly applies to my life now. While I am far away from my ultimate dream, I can say that I am truly living my dream - as a professional events host - all thanks to wonderful people who believe in me, especially my beautiful Ms. Chrissy Cabellero and the rest of the wonderful SkyLife heads! Click this link for my video clip: opening this Sky-riffic event: Marylaine Viernes Youtube Channel - SKYLIFE Event Opening
I will forever be thankful for the faith entrusted to me, especially in our latest event: SKYLIFE DREAMLAND, The Adventure Continues! Please like the page tolearn more about the event and to be part of more Sky's future events, please like and follow this link: SkyLife Dreamland Facebook Page
I LAB You. I truly LAB what I do as host and I especially loved The Lab! I enjoyed this awesome new booth for there were so many new things I learned here, and am certain that all the kids LAB this corner too!
Hostperimentation. That's when the event host tries out the super cool experiments & inventions! 
Backstage with the Gang - the talented team from Alice in Wonderland! Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts and the lovely Alice! We all went crazy over this cool quartet!
This event is for the kids and kids-at-heart who believe in the beauty of our dreams! But what makes this event special is that this is also about honing those little dreamers through exciting experiences that enhance problem-solving skills, critical thinking, EQ and other important tools that will help us all when finally, the roads to our dreams open! 
It was my honour to host and play games with the mums, dads and kids, and somehow help them believe in magic! The winners weren't just the kids onstage who won big prizes, but everyone who came for there were tons of freebies! 
Thank you Sky Life, for your faith and generosity in letting me live out one of my biggest passions and dreams as an events host. I pray for more adventures to come with you and your awesome event organizer, Global Visions Events in the next year! 
Photo below grabbed from the official SkyLife Dreamland Facebook page...
From Queen Elsa back to Cinderella. Lastly, here I am again, back to the cinders of real life thank you for allowing me to transform whenever I emcee for each mesmerizing event! Each event with Sky Life is a dream come true! Below is my pre-event "in-rags" poor Miss Cinderella look... Lovin' how I am able to live out my very own fairy tale!
A sweet treat. Right after the fun and exhilarating party, cheers to Maya for treating the kids and kids at heart (like me) to cheery cupcakes that brought out our creativity! Can you spot the colors of Christmas?
"Let your dreams be greater than your fears, and your actions louder than your words... may we all let Faith in God, Gratitude and Persistence lead us all to where we ought to be..."