Sunday, July 5, 2015

Marylaine Viernes and Peppa Pig in the most pig-tastic party ever!

Welcome to the second day of Peppa Pig's amazing Meet & Greet Party with Toys R Us! Yesterday, I had my hair in pigtails, and I wore a warm pink outfit, but for today, I opted to have my hair in bright pink curls, just like Peppa's curly tail, while I chose to wear a hot pink dress. I am truly so humbled and honored to host this event as I had fun with Peppa and the Peppa Pigsters, too!  
Peppa says Hi to everyone! Thank you all for coming out to play with Peppa Pig on this lovely Sunday! Peppa Pig is the world's most beloved little hog, who just loves giving out big, big hugs!
Please check out my video on Youtube, for Day 2 of the fun meet & greet: 
And please click below to watch my video hosting for Day 1, too: 
Oh, and here's a quick glimpse of the awesome event hall before the fun piggy-party started: 
And I didn't forget to do the ceremonial photo op in front of the backdrop with Peppa's invitation to come out and play! So glad that many of you came!
Lastly, here's the hard-working team behind this successful event! 
Thanks everyone; always remember that you are Peppa-rrific! 
- Marylaine Louise Viernes

Pig Pig, Hooray! Peppa Pig's Meet & Greet (First Day)

It's a dream come true for me to meet and bond with the world's most adorable piggy, Peppa, and more so land my first hosting gig with my new friends from Bankee (Melissa, Richard), and Ms. Gina Pena too for leading me as host of this Pig-tastic Peppa Pig Meet & Greet Party! Until now I am oinking with excitement; just like all the kids who will always cherish such a memorable experience with Peppa. Below are my Peppa-riffic event photos, for the first of the two-day activity:  
 'Tis a perfect day to play games with Peppa and all these Peppa Pigsters, or maybe Peppa Peeps!!! 
 We had a fun show and tell where these cute Peppa Pigsters shared why they love Peppa toys!
 Peppa is also very excited to meet you all!
Thank you so much, Peppa for such a memorable, exciting and Pig-tastic time! We cannot get enough of you, so for now we will keep watching your shows (and we love your English accent, too!)
We love Peppa and George so much, we get to cuddle with them all the time! You too can grab your own Peppa and George toys, over at Toys 'R Us, the world's greatest toy store! 
 - Marylaine Louise Viernes