Monday, July 27, 2015

KONG-quering new heights with the amazing Mr. Francis Kong

So happy to be working with my newest events family, WildFire and my first project with them is an awesome project for Nestle, with no less than the amazing Francis Kong! You already know who Mr. Kong is; one of, if not the most respected lecturer/speaker and entrepreneur in the country, who inspires everyone with his amazing wit and accomplishments, but most of all since he walks the talk, thru his exemplary lifestyle. 
While he is such an amazing guy (with his supportive wife, Ms. Lilia Kong who is kind and equally amazing too), he and his family exude humility and glee even in the simplest things. It was a very quick shoot, and a great way to spend the weekend too! 
 Serious anchorwoman for this memorable weekend shoot... Loving my look for this project!
 The works: green backdrop and the boom mikes that later on transformed into a real studio! 
This was a very fun project and while I am not allowed by the producers to share any part of the clip here, we did snap a few BTS where I got the rare opportunity of picking the brilliant mind of Mr. Francis Kong! Below is a collection of my fave BTS starstruck/bloopers/kulitan photos: 
Thank you and I look forward to more successful projects with the amazing Wildfire team soon!
- Marylaine Louise Viernes