Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mary's a-MAZE-ing Scorch Trials Movie Review

Thanks again to Warner Brothers Philippines (Especially their awesome President Sir Francis Soliven and the lovely Mae Vecina), my family and I got to attended the special press screening and I got to take home an awesome Maze Runner shirt too! It was one high-octane ride, with so many unexpected twists and turns, leaving you breathless, exasperated, hopeful, angry, relieved and definitely wanting more! I cannot wait for the third part to be released and if I can, I would want to crush all those guys from W.I.C.K.E.D! You might crush me if I crush and spoil the story for you, so let me just share a few tidbits to get you excited before you watch this a-MAZE-ing film! This was one brilliant big screen adaptation! 

1. It's Complicated - so as we all saw the first movie, Maze Runner - we did have this whole Thomas and Teresa love thing going on... Let me just tell you one thing - I would love to punch Teresa in the face and burn her (not just because I am so jealous she's got all the boys to herself especially my favorites, Minho and Newt!) just watch it and you will understand... 
2. The Walking Dread - yes, as you run with our handsome maze runners out in the scorch, you will be dreading each decisive turn - where you never know what lurks (or dashes) ahead; get ready for a walking-dead like excitement that will surely move you to the edge of your seats and screaming (for more)! 
3. Eat, drink and be Mary - so there is this very significant character, Mary (I loved her, until something W.I.C.K.E.D. happened) and she just brought me and the runners so much hope! She revealed quite a lot in those few moments she had, but she left us wondering how the rest of them will fare on the next movie! 
All I can say is that this is the best movie ever (oops, I said that to the first one too, and I will probably say this to the third part of this series by the wonderful James Dashner)... so, go catch this Scorching-hot movie right now! (Scorching hot also aptly describes the well-cast male characters too! But I am hating on you, Teresa!)  
- Marylaine Viernes (Click Here for my Hosting Portfolio)