Monday, May 11, 2020

A Memorial Day Weekend to Remember: Driving through 5 States in 8 days!

Home for me will always mean Nevada. I love Las Vegas, and appreciate the rest of this great nation! Last Memorial Day weekend was truly one for the books; we drove through Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and then though California before we went back home to Nevada!
First Stop. Beautiful, peaceful Utah! We went around its capital, Salt Lake City, enjoyed chewy salt water taffy and scootered around the Capitol building and that unforgettable library in downtown Utah, the biggest we've ever seen in our lives! 
Exploring downtown and uptown Utah in e-scooters. Here's the Capitol Building, in Capitol Hill that overlooks the beautiful downtown Utah... 
Every inch of Capitol Hill, Utah was an elegant architectural masterpiece! 
More of the Salt Lake in Salt Lake City, of course! 
Next Stop: Idaho. Potatoes, anyone? But no, Idaho is actually called the "Gem State" and not Potato State, okay? It was the 43rd State to be part of the USA, after being admitted in the union on July 3, 1890.
Godric and I at the Shoshone Falls Park. 
As for me, I was exhausted driving. Excuse the "I look super exhausted, don't I" photos below... 
SNAKE RIVER. This grand river snakes through 4 different US States: Wyoming, Washington, Oregon and in this case, we viewed its majesty from the State of Idaho. 
And for the very first time, we saw a marmot up close... only in Idaho! Near the Snake River.
Jumping for joy when we reached Washington State! Just imagine how long and far we've been driving!
Boeing, Boeing, Gone! We also visited the Boeing hub in Everett, Washington State. Took the chance to remind my son who already wants to be a police officer that it might be smarter to first be part of the Marine Corps and be a helicopter pilot! Giving him a glimpse of the bright future that awaits him in our travels! Of course, a photo with shy Godric...

Godric and I in Seattle, Washington; we couldn't get tickets to go inside the Space Needle as it was sold out and didn't buy it in advance, so posing outside would have to do for now...
Godric wasn't so happy because we couldn't get tickets to go inside. Playing and taking photos outside will have to do for now... 
So we just walked around Seattle, and this was near Pike Place, where ours and the world's favorite coffee shop, Starbucks was born! 
Before heading back home to Nevada, we drove through California and had breakfast, and then ended up in another city, called Biggs. How Bigg is California, really? We always get lost somewhere and end up discovering something spectacular!