Sunday, January 20, 2019

Let's all "Catsup" at Nutri Asia's Banana Catsup Museum Press Launch!

Thank you so much Nutri Asia for trusting me for the second time as this time, you open your awe-inspiring and captivating Catsup Museum, the first and only in the world, to our wonderful friends from the press! 
So happy to be here again... for the second time, too! 
To read back on my previous post about the VIP unveiling of Nutri Asia's Banana Catsup Museum, simply follow this link: Marylaine Viernes emcees the NutriAsia Banana Catsup Museum Launch!  This was truly one for the books! I got to banter with the famous with Chef Tatung, get my flirt on, only to find out that we shared the same sexual orientation... Major Lol! 
And apart from the fun moments, we also had the VIPs with us and so I got to keep everything smart and informative, too. Here's my introduction for the company president: 
Cheers and thanks for reading and joining me as I go bananas over yummy catsup and again, the world's first and only Banana Catsup museum! Thank you so much Nutri Asia! And as always, please do check out and click on the following links below: 
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