Tuesday, August 30, 2016

In good company: Hosting Baby Company's star-studded store inauguration (Part 1)

Really can't get enough of this awesome experience. For this post, I will share a few awesome videos not just of myself hosting this delightful event, but also getting to interview the beautiful celebrity moms that we had that day... First are these two homes video where I strived to open this shiny, shimmering, splendid show with a 'Baby' Bang!  
Where do I even begin writing about with this brilliant, all-star mom affair by Baby Company, the Baby Specialist? Well perhaps, I should once again thank the beautiful Ms. Cheryl Justiniano, AVP Marketing of Baby Company who I met years back and it's been a memorable journey since, starting with their annual Baby Company Grand Baby Fairs which I am so proud to be part for how many years now, I can't even count anymore! I still wonder how she got my details, but hey you don't have to worry about things like those. And a big thank you too to the rest of the amazing Baby Company ladies who are truly beautiful inside out: Ms. Kyla of Marketing, Ms. Maby of Merchandising, who is sooo funny and sweet and Ms. Lani Del Castillo SAVP Merchandising. But we cannot forget their lovely and kind-hearted big boss SVP-Operations, Ms. Theresa Ponce! Again thank you for your trust and I pray to work with you for the years to come.
I can still feel the buzz of this day... I left right away that day for my son had a bit of a fever (thus the reason why I wasn't able to bring him along when he usually likes to join me for mall events and play Pokemon Go) so even if I was slightly stressed that day, seeing people who were beautiful inside and out - mothers too - from bloggers to celebrity mums, was such a nice breath of fresh air!
The event was graced by celebrities turned supermoms from actresses Iya Villania, who cut the ribbon along with the Baby Company VIPs, Nadine Samonte, Tanya Garcia and also supermodels such as Kelly Misa, Nicole Hernandez and my favorite, Patty Laurel simply because I always meet her in mom events (most recently at Smart Parenting's Baby Shower where she was one of our resource speakers) and she never fails to brighten up my day with her friendly, down-to-earth vibe, and her sincere words of light and affirmation. 
Beaming as Iya shares some of her most intimate preggy adventures... 
And let's not forget this beautiful mom-of-five, Ms. Joy Woolbright Sotto, who instantly told me, "Mary I remember you," about the time we were both grocery shopping and I gushed at her delightful little boy, Sandro, her third child who is just a ball of energy. I also told her his superb dancing skills and eating videos were one of the reasons I follow them on Instagram. I congratulated her for finally having her much prayed for princess, her only daughter. She just recently gave birth and for the event only had her brood of 4 good-looking young men in tow who I also got to interview... 
And now, more of the pretty mommy of baby Theo, Patty Laurel Filart who indulges me as I check out her Baby Company shopping cart... check out these two videos where she shares her baby must-haves. See how she loves shopping only at Baby Company! 
And the crown of this post goes to the beautiful Shamcey Supsup Lee, Binibining Pilipinas Universe, who I got to do the Baby Company Runway Walk! From winning international pageants, she is a winner in my book, having gamely showed us all that we too can be beauty queens, in the aisles of Baby Company, at least! I really admire Shamcey not just for being a beauty queen but also because of her astounding academic achievements: graduating Magna Cum Laude from U.P. Diliman and also being a board topnotcher in the licensure exams for architects. Now, apart from being a TV personality and architect, she is a restauranteur too. More than a beauty queen supermodel, she is a role model for all girls and mommies out there!
Thank you for this honor, Baby Company! To all my friends and visitors, please feel the glee when you visit any Baby Company stores, especially their biggest one to date in SM Megamall, which is already their 62nd store... Congratulations to the Baby Specialist! 
Thanks for visiting my blog and to all the moms and moms-to-be, make sure you also visit Baby Company's SM Megamall store; I would say it's the largest and most vibrant store I've been to so far! And of course, stay happy; keep sweetly smiling and brightly shining! 
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Monday, August 29, 2016

Shopping with the stars at Baby Company Megamall's grand store inauguration (Part 2)

Can't get enough of the newest Baby Company store, which recently opened in SM Megamall! It's a 600 square meter store with a modern style but with the same if not better shopper-friendly attributes.  They put their awesome Merchandise on the spotlight thru artistic application of colours, lighting and systematic merchandise grid. Welcome to the newest and most exciting Baby Company store!
I absolutely love Baby Company! And I also love these three beautiful ladies from Baby Company, posing with one of our glowing superstar mommies for the day, Ms. Iya Villania. From left to right are Mrs. Tess Ponce, SVP for Operations, Ms. Lani head of Merchandising and of course, Ms. Cheryl Justiniano, head of Marketing who I owe so much to as she was the one who found me and got me to host their Baby Company Grand Baby Fair a few years ago... forever thankful for this company of intelligent and kind-hearted women! 
Here's more of this memorable BABY-TASTIC event of Baby Company, in celebration of their Megamall store inauguration. This time, let's zoom in on the superstar mommies who came, shopped and conquered! First up, the ever-beautiful and down-to-earth Patty Laurel-Filart! I've met her for like the fifth time now whenever I host events for she's a suki celeb guest and speaker and she deserves it; always ready to spare kind and delightful words each time I meet her. From her smile alone, you can already see how much fun she had during this grand milestone for Baby Company, the Baby Specialist... 
Checking out Patty Laurel's shopping cart; only the best finds for her adorable son Theo... Baby Company is definitely the place to be... for all you loving mommies, daddies and parents-to-be! 
In good (and good-looking) Company. Another mom I look up to, the beautiful and bedazzling Ms. Joy Sotto, and her four handsome boys. From left to right are Sandro who's an amazing dancer, Rosanno the youngest among the boys, Igu (the one I personally find the most good looking) and the kuya of the bunch, Hugo. And I know their names by heart for I follow her on Instagram. Congratulations too for having a beautiful princess. Yes, this lovely Baby Company Mombassador is actually a mom of 5 as she had given birth to her much-prayed for daughter not too long ago. It's the perfect time to shop in Baby Company! 
This time, I got to interview Mommy Joy Sotto with her eldest, where they shared their top picks for the two younger boys and of course, for their beautiful little princess! 
Plus more lovely stellar mommies spotted! I got to interview the host of Chika Minute, a primetime showbiz news segment on GMA 7's 24 Oras, Ms. Iya Villania... isn't she a lovely preggy woman? Thanks to Baby Company, all mommies too can look as pretty as Iya, thanks to the convenience they alone can give to moms and moms-to-be!

Let's not miss the lovely Kelly Misa who was excited to pick out wonderful items for her son which she can find only here at the Baby Specialist... Baby Company! 
 Kelly also dishes out tips and tricks when it comes to shopping for our biggest joys: our little ones... 
Last but most certainly not the least, I got to chat with one of the young ladies I admire most - Ms. Shamcey Supsup, an international beauty queen, now also a restauranteur and proud mom to her beautiful little baby girl, Nike! Check out my video too where I got this beauty to walk the shopping runway at Baby Company's grand aisles. Every mom's a beauty queen, with Baby Company!
Indeed, there is no other baby specialist when it comes to infant feeding, caring, playing, sleeping, learning and more! Make sure that you also shop smart like our superstar moms above and have your MOM CARDS with you! This is Baby Company's loyalty program. It is meant to reward frequent shoppers through rebates, exclusive offers, special events and other privileges. The more you shop, the more rebates you earn.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Simply Inspired: Whipping up delightful dishes and more with celebrity chef Anna Olson!

Since I cannot get enough of this gig (and because all my new and prospective clients for my hosting gigs always require seeing me in action, here's one last video below. You can also visit my channel on Youtube, which serves the purpose of documenting my adventures as an events host / emcee. I would appreciate if you can subscribe to my Youtube Channel too; simply hit up this link: Marylaine Viernes YOUTUBE Channel
Destination Foodspiration. I totally love being part of food festivals and events that showcase the art of food where I get to learn tips and tricks. I do admit that I am more of an eater and it's no secret that I'm forever a student when it comes to cooking. So glad to learn from the best; no less than Canadian Celebrity Chef Anna Olson! 
It was a huge crowd and most of them were hungry to see Chef Anna Olson!  
One thing you know I love about being an events emcee is that I get to glam up! This was the best look I can do considering I came from another hosting gig (Thank you, Lord for the tons of work coming my way) and I had to get my brother to drive me in a motorcycle so I can make it to this event in only less than a hour window. If I drove or took a cab, it would take me 2 hours or so! Whew! Just thinking back about this day makes me so stressed and frantic! 
Before the event or before we unveiled our star, Chef Anna Olson, I also got to cook alongside the handsome and talented chef of Soban Korean Grill, who was a bit shy... hope I made him a wee bit comfortable. I do the talking, he does the cooking! 
And we made Japchae, a famous Korean dish, too! Check it out! 
 The Language of Love and Food: I was so amazed at how jam-packed this event was! Everyone there came for the love of food and their favorite celebrity Chef! 
 And now, let's walk back before this event actually started... The crazy ingredients to an appetisingly fun event! First my briefing. As mentioned above, I came from another event, a brand launch for Detail Makeover & Cosmetix Unlimited Branch Launch so it was a whirlwind from the introductions, briefings, instructions to the stage! Had to calm myself down from all the hype and excitement before going up onstage... Caption my photo below, LOL: 
Inspiration with no expiration. I absolutely love being an events host and I want to do this for as long as I can. Apart from earning a lot from this, having a reason to glam up, now I am starting to see what matters most about it: growing in knowledge and in relationships! So glad to meet and nurture friendships through the events I am trusted to handle. 
My "Hey-everyone-I-am-so-lucky-to-get-first-dibs" photo with Chef Anna Olson before going up onstage, back in the restaurant where we were introduced then briefed...
Thank you, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls especially Eastwood Mall (my fave coz I live near here and my cousin and best friend actually live here) for the honor of hosting this much-celebrated and well-attended event! More reasons to love Eastwood mall! My Pokemon catching family members agree for it's only in Eastwood mall that they get to capture rare and special Pokemon.  
Let me end this post by sharing a famous line by Pablo Picasso: "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working... " May you find your role in this world and fulfil it... I've always believed that God plants seeds in our hearts and lets them grow with the help of sunshine (hard-work and courage), water (integrity and honest persistence) and gentle air (humility and faith), may we all accomplish what we came here for!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

tRolling on the floor laughing: My TROLL-ific TROLLS Movie Review!

Meet Poppy, Branch and the Trolls' newest recruit, my beloved Matty below during the press premier of TROLLS! Many thanks to 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers Philippines for your awesome invite to the movie I've been waiting for! This is the perfect movie this Halloween season so please catch this troll-ific flick this weekend! It's worth every peso!  
"....... Cause I got that sunshine in my pocket, got that good song in my feet..... I feel that hot blood in my body when it drops..... I can't take my eyes up off it, moving so phenomenally..... you gon' like the way we rock it, so don't stop..... !
I have been playing this phenomenal song by my forever favourite male artist J.T. (and his bright, electric blue eyes and inexhaustible energy) since last week, during the press screening of Trolls at Glorietta 4 Cinemas, all thanks again to Mr. Francis Soliven of Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox! Justin Timberlake provided the cool soundtrack of the TROLLS movie, apart from lending his voice to the movie, giving life to Troll Branch! 
This colorful (literally) feel-good movie harks me back to the time when I was a young girl and those troll toys with the funky, colourful hair (move over, Barbie) were all the rave! I recall my very own Troll as a child (I wonder where she is now, hopefully not in some horrible Bergen's stomach); she was about several inches tall, with blazing ruby red hair!
So back to TROLLS, the movie was as thrilling-cute-hopeful-happy-awesome-bright-crazy as I had imagined it to be, especially as my family and I had a taste of it in a special trailer being shown at Dreamplay about a month ago, when I celebrated my birthday at the Hyatt City of Dreams Manila. Godric Matthew in photo below; it was such a memorable experience, but watch out for that on a separate blog post soon! 
Basically, this is adventure involves funny Poppy, who, with the help of Branch ventures to save her subjects, captured by the nasty Bergens who feast on them for that fleeting happiness. Through this journey, they discover new friends (who may not always be what they seem) and had their own set of heartbreak thanks to one of their own kind betraying them, giving Poppy, most especially, a bite of reality, a totally different pop of color from the glee she had long been accustomed to and what actually got them into their journey in the first place. 
Expect a ton of laughter - the humor is perfect for both the kids and the kids-at-heart, and there are so many twists at every turn! In the end, our adorable, bright and wide-eyed heroes will not only be able to save their kind, but also teach their nemeses that they too can be happy, sans the gory practice of feasting on Trolls for that fleeting moment of happiness (I mean, come on, Bergens, why would you want to make these cute fluffy-haired trolls your happy pills?). And as in most remarkable family flicks, the adventure shares a hue of red... do our two adorable chracters, Poppy and Branch fall in love? You have to rush to your favorite cinemas to see it for yourselves! Give the family a treat this halloween too, get Trolling along! Here's another pic of Matty - this time he is already trying to escape from the Trolls, mistaking Poppy and Branch for Bergens!!!
You will fall in love with the story of TROLLS: the happiness, the glitters and the colorful hair! Oh, and speaking of brightly colored hair, here was my event the next day - for Nuvali Night Sky Cinema, thanks to my Sky Cable / Sky Life / One Sky Family and Ayala Malls Solenad (please forgive me for not being able to accept your Halloween event this coming weekend due to a family trip planned way back; but I know it will be awesome! Same thing to ATC too but I love you guys, I love AYALA MALLS!) So, here's my troll look for the event I've hosted - with over 18,000 people in attendance! I can conquer the world with this hair color! And probably, learn to scrapbook like Poppy... and I can do anything! 
Watch for my blog post on this cool Halloween event soon with my beloved Sky Cable Family who I will be forever thankful too... especially Ms. Chrissy and her smart, handsome son Lyndel! This is the life... the #SkyLife! We are all under #OneSky! 
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Monday, August 22, 2016

Keeping up with the Joneses: My Movie Review

One of my most favourite idiomatic expressions of all time, "Keeping up with the Joneses," has now become my most favourite movie of all time! 
Yes, the latest big screen delight being served by 20th Century Fox Philippines stars only my favorite personalities, most especially Zach Galifianakis (who rose to stardom in the awesomely hilarious Hangover trilogy & Due Date movies) and the very sexy Gal Gadot who I have been watching for since I first saw her in a film with fast cars and big guns. I will never forget Gal Gadot as she fired shots as she fell to her demise, only for her to rise as Wonder Woman (I could not think of any other actress who can give life and justice to this timeless Justice League character) and now, I just cannot pry that scene off my mind where she towered over Isla Fisher and well... why don't you just see it for yourself!?!
Don't JEWISH your girlfriend was hot like she [her]? Yes, I too wish I was as hot as her. Well, she's not cast as Wonder Woman for nothing.  This Israeli beauty queen & actress springs from superhero to super spy. And she is one of the many great things about the film! 
Anyway, apart from this movie being peppered by the hottest & most flavourful personalities of this day and age, what really makes it worth seeing is that it is one exhilarating and hilarious ride at every turn! I felt my face slim down just like Mrs. Natalie Jones (Gadot) from all the laughing! Truly, I could barely keep up with the Joneses! 
This is your espionage film with an unexpected twist (at every turn, I should add), as the new neighbours, the Joneses, being beyond perfection, piquing the curiosity of the Gaffneys, Jeff (Galifianakis) and Karen (Fisher) only for them to confirm their suspicions during a joyride of hilarity and suspense. And that's all I am sharing - for the details, you have to find out for yourselves! The only think I can promise you is that it's worth every peso, and I suggest you bring your better half along as you will fall in love with each other as you both fall in love with the movie! 

So, are you a Gaffney or a Jones? I would say I am a Jones; who wouldn't want to live that high-octane, sophisticated, perfect life? Get into the heart (and heat) of things and treat yourself this weekend to see the Joneses! 
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Saturday, August 20, 2016

A shower of joy and love: Hosting the second cycle of Smart Parenting Baby Shower 2016!

Hi everyone! Finally glad to be back after being 'MIA' for a while, thanks to my appendectomy (perhaps I should write a tell-all, graphic post about that soon). Anyway, this one now is abut my awesome Smart Parenting Baby Shower gig which was the last event I had before my emergency appendectomy... Following below is my sole video during the event is most special to me for it was taken no less than my very own videographer-artiste, the 7 year old love of my life, my son, Godric Matthew! As you may know, ALL of my Youtube videos are amateur clips only for the purpose of getting clients to see me in hosting action, but I'd say my son takes way better videos than the rest of the random people I ask to capture me in action! Here is the clip he captured: my opening spiels below... attaboy! 
My handsome little master-of-mischief meets my boss for the day: Smart Parenting's Editor-in-Chief, Ms. Leah San Jose... thank you Smart Parenting magazine Philippines & Summit Media for trusting me with all of your awesome and empowering events! 
Of whimsical mermaids and mommies. There were so many lovely moms that day... again, I only had my Pokemon Hunting son as companion so I was unable to take a lot of photos and so, a big thank you to blogger mum, Jaimie Felix (themermaidinstilletos.com) for sending me some of our photos. Truly a mermaid; especially your hair! 
Congratulations, Summit Media and Smart Parenting for another exhilarating program that enlightened, inspired and empowered! Looking forward to more of our delightful gigs! 
Thank you for dropping by! Will write more soon... continue showering love and joy in whatever you do!
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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Empowered and honoured to emcee for the Adobe Digital Document Management executive event!

Again I am honored & humbled at the same time to be part of such an edifying executive talk: the Adobe Digital Document Management event, ushered in by Get Cre8ive, principal for Getty Images and a renowned Adobe Platinum Reseller in the Philippines, as we zoom in on the Adobe Creative Cloud. But first, please watch my clip hosting this event: 
It was a beautifully intimate gathering for only the most brilliant minds from various creative, communications and tech industries.
I got to paint the town red (and wear red) as we all sat through a delightfully entertaining talk on Adobe Document Management Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud products, learning more about these amazing products as well as learning product tips and the latest trends... 
Don't mind the face. Or to overly red lipstick. I learned so much and had a ton of fun during this empowering event. 
A big shout out to the awesome Get Cre8ive team especially Ms. Sarah Lumang and Ms. Bel Roxas who were super easy to work with. And of course to my friend Paolo Dela Rea of Straight Arrow, thank you for this, more blessings for you three and your companies! 
It was held in no less than the Willow Root in Manila Polo Club, the perfect venue to discuss a premium, cutting-edge creative solution! Adobe is such a brilliant solution and excuse my ignorance but I don't know of any other company that can provide what they bring.  
Pre-program prepping with Adobe's esteemed representative below: 
And let's not forget the inspiring, down-to-earth and simply talented minds behind Get Cre8ive! Thanks again Ms. Sara and Ms Bel for trusting to host your awe-inspiring event: 
Inspiring Innovation and learning from the best: Below I pose alongside Get Cre8ive's Ms. Annabel Roxas and our speaker, Mr. Rajesh Pratil,  Adobe's senior solution consultant.  
I've been using Adobe and thanks to Getcre8ive, I've developed a much greater appreciation and deeper understanding of this solution which I actually have in my MacBook Pro which I never got to fully utilise! But soon I have to make the most out of these excellent solutions...  
And now please indulge me as I share the non-event related shots that evening... eI managed to sneak in a few poses in the Manila Polo Club that night before heading home... I can't help it, Manila Polo Club is among the most inspiring spots in the metro! 
Photos courtesy of my sister and forever BFF, my younger sister Nate. Please visit her blog www.takeitfromnate.wordpress.com for she writes well and hosts too! I'd like to think that she is better than me in what I do, for she takes awesome photos too, with a really keen sense for beauty. That's my blogging-hosting-photographing little sister! 
Bright lights... hidden from the hustle and bustle of this big city... simply love the crisp, fresh air that moves me... this huge field inspires me... always thankful for every diverse experience each time I emcee an event! 
From where I stood in Manila Polo Club the afternoon before the event were sculptures... skyscrapers nestled in Bonifacio Global City... where I work during the day; and eventually live here too, I pray! 
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