Monday, February 17, 2014

Philips: Creating Better Lives through Meaningful Innovations

Being part of the PHILIPS Mall Road Show, which kicked off last 2013 has truly been an immense blessing and an unforgettable experience! It was my honor to be the Master of Ceremonies of all the PHILIPS road shows, held in the country's biggest malls. Being one with PHILIPS as they, through their Consumer and Lifestyle products encourage and espouse healthy, holistic and happy living.

This year, 2014, the campaign is coming to a close as we have just 4 legs remaining. But the gems of wisdom I gained will be further enriched as I share these on to others. Most importantly, the friendships I have made with the Amazing Philips team, and my fellow Philips Ambassadors prove that this is indeed something I will cherish throughout this lifetime.

TRIVIA: The famous PHILIPS logo show STARS and SOUND WAVES upon a SHIELD. The Stars signify its might, being the leader in its industry then until now. The Sound Waves recall their first groundbreaking innovations - radios and gramophones which played a big role in History. In fact, it was PHILIPS who introduced the cassette tape to the world. These elements are enclosed in the coat-of-arms or shield, is a testament to its founder's ingenuity, honor and integrity, which they continue to uphold today.  

This is one amazing and inspiring journey, so let's begin with our first few Philips Mall Shows back in 2013...

Our first two legs were held at the Glorietta Activity area, and boy were there a lot of people. I had a blast promoting my favorite PHILIPS products, such as the PHILIPS AVENT steamer blender, which I myself am a proud owner of! This is perfect for creating meals for your babies and kids, and also with whipping up yummy and healthy soups, sauces and dressings for yourself! Below are my two favorite PHILIPS products which are just amazing in our kitchen... 

The PHILIPS electronic pressure cooker, which lets me cook up dishes in no time. You just put the ingredients in and few minutes after, savor nutritious and insanely delicious meals! 

And below is the majestic Philips SAECO Coffee Machine. My day is always perfect no matter how stressful it may be, when I start it with a perfect cup from my SAECO machine. What's coffee without SAECO, and without a Selfie

One of our Ambassadors, Ms. Nancy Reyes Lumen, timeless kitchen goddess, taught the audience how to make your own nutritious soy-based drinks using the PHILIPS Soy Milk maker, and of course, cook delightful dishes using the Philips Electronic Pressure Cooker, while belting out a nice few lines in between! From Kitchen Diva to Philips Singing Superstar!!! 

And now we head on to our fun Galleria road show! Below shows my promoting the childcare brand closest to my heart - PHILIPS AVENT! Over my next blog posts, I would like to recapitulate the many wonders of being a new mom, and how Philips AVENT has helped me every step of the way! Not to mention, trusted me to be the official emcee of most of their events for the past five years and I pray to always be part of our happy and growing PHILIPS AVENT family... 

And to all moms, like me: we can't just let ourselves go. We need to look good and feel good for our partners, our kids and most of all - our own selves. PHILIPS has a wide range of superb personal care products that lets you look glam in minutes! 
I already have my PHILIPS hair dryer, and I am going to get that fab straight-or-curl iron next. Below shows me introducing another Philips Ambassador (for the personal care line) who is no less than the very talented Ara Fernando, Stylist to the Stars... 
This walk-back just makes me so thankful to be part of the PHILIPS Mall Road Shows! I'll be posting more of our exciting and empowering adventures soon. PHILIPS does not only "Continue to make better lives through Meaningful innovations," but also allows us to empower ourselves and bring out to best in us, with world-class products and their campaigns that inspire and unleash our innate creativity and brilliance. 
“No matter what happened yesterday it is insignificant when compared to what lies within the core of your being today.” - S. Brewer