Thursday, February 23, 2017

MINISO Blessed! The inauguration of the 10th store of Miniso Philippines!

Kagami Biraki!!! This interesting new word points out to a Japanese tradition that means to "Open the Mirror." This is considered to be an auspicious act and said to be done in the greatest occasions of life. In Japan, sometimes mochi is the one being opened / broken open, to bring in good luck. This concept was something that I've learned thanks to my latest greatest blessing: hosting for MINISO! This gig had me driving all the way to Bulacan for the unveiling of the brand's 10th store but it was all worth it! Apart from the fanfare and the excitement (and the really awe-inspiring confetti blast) it was seeing an old, dear friend, Mr. Andrew Ybardolaza again that made it extra special. He is the pioneer marketing & business development manager of Miniso since the brand was launched last year, June 2016. This year, thanks to this top brand's innate magic, exemplary leadership, and of course, my friend Andrew's huge contribution, Miniso will open 40 stores this 2017 alone. Can you say amazing? 
I really loved my Miniso weekend. Here's a few videos of the mesmerizing day, wherein we also had teen stars, Bianca Umali and Jerik Garcia lead the festivities and draw in people who were not just crazy for these stars, but also for shopping. As to those crazy about Miniso? Count me in! I've always been crazy about Miniso, and the addiction is worsening! My first clip below shows me inviting everyone to be just like me... crazy for shopping at Miniso! 
Omedetogozaimasu! Congratulations, MINISO Philippines!!! What great energy that day... Just like the vibe and excitement you get when shopping at Miniso! 
And now, I can't end this post by just sharing about my hosting gig for Miniso. I need to show you all the items I bought that day (pffft... there goes my professional fee!) First off, my really cute bright red backpack-style sling bag... this is perfect for me as I love sling bags! My two iPhones and other essentials fit in just right, especially as I am one busy person!
Because I am blessed to host a ton of events, I need to make myself up all the time... it's so much fun to put on makeup, but I hate the work I put into removing my makeup. In fact, I can put my makeup with my eyes closed, but when it comes to removing my makeup, it seems to take much more time and effort than putting makeup on! Good thing Miniso has these! One blot and the cake-up and stubborn waterproof mascara is all gone! And these are gentle on my skin too - that is the most important! 
Lastly, for me and my mom's tired feet, I got these pairs... and they are phenomenal, I feel like I am walking on clouds! So much comfort and ease whenever I wear these... wish I can wear these at work and during my hosting gigs... LOL.  
I have so much more to share, especially as I will also be embarking on my second emceeing gig with Miniso, for the opening of MINISO SM CENTER Sangandaan! I am so excited for that! But for now, I need to shop some more. Thanks for dropping by, and please do click on these links below for more of my work as an events host:   
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