Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fun and Laughter with Cherifer: Create Genuine Fun Day, Camp Tangkad Sagad!

We all know Cherifer CGF stands for "Chlorella Growth Factor." But for me and the rest of Cherifer loves who came to Camp Tangkad Sagad, CGF now means: Create Genuine Fun! I co-hosted with momentous event with the amazing Jazper Tiongson! Only he can challenge my super energy when I emcee. But I guess he beats me because he dances and flies too! Am still working at it... So, walking back, here's my one and only video taken right after my partner Jazper and I closed the program where I invited them to stay until 7 pm for the amazing booths and freebies! Such a bright and vibrant event it was... Simply YELLOW-riffic!
First of all, thank you to my wonderful Sky Life family, especially Ms. Chrissy Caballero and her handsome smart son, Lyndel for discovering me and the rest is history. Photo below also features Ariel from Sky Cable too. And let's not forget my Global Visions Events and Marketing Network Inc. family - the best events group I could ever work with: fair, generous, kind and so easy to work with and all of our events are simply superb! I love them even the very professional floor & event director they get. Can't wait to blog about my Sky Dreamland event also with GVE and another cool project I recently had with them where I was a motivational speaker on leadership & personality development for a multinational brand's sales representatives! Can't wait to blog about those soon!  
I am so blessed to regain my strength a little after two weeks, after my sudden appendectomy that I was still able to make this gig! I was quite glum that I had to let go of a few hosting jobs due to my appendicitis but I am better now and back in my game! In fact, this month has been crazy, I have a backlog of 20 events done, as I write this blog post. 
This fantastic event was held in Marquee Mall Pampanga and as usual, the crowd was great! Just had to take a selfie with them in the background as Tectonix did their thing onstage, making the kids and the kids-at-heart go on a balloon rampage! I did too! 
Games, games and more fun games! And a lot of dancing too, with this chubby and really tall Cherifer Kid! He is number one, like Cherifer! 
But my favourite kid? This one below, proudly wearing JESUS, our Lord & Saviour, the One True God on his shirt, my forever love. Then this other li'l boy who joined us for this photo was welcome though he was shy and didn't tell me his name. What a cute coincidence that they got the same balloon freebies (balloon sword, shield, helmet) during the performance of Tectonix - the most colossal balloon act in the Philippines! 
Jazper and I hosting this beautiful event for families, with almost a thousand attendees! I hope Jazper would agree with me when I say that it was so light working with him and we are the best tandem ever. Loved working with this funny man, Cherifer Jazper! 
Our energy that day went something like this... 
Hope you liked reading about our genuinely fun and wacky experience! You'd make me so crazy happy as this photo above if visit these other links below too... Keep creating genuine fun! 
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