Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A shower of love and surprises at the Smart Parenting Baby Shower 2015

I am more than blessed to be part of this year's Smart Parenting Baby Shower, held at the luxurious Discovery Suites where over a hundred moms and moms-to-be came for an afternoon of adventure, proving that no baby bump is too heavy to prevent their loving mommies from participating on empowering activities while infanticipating 
I met Mr. Aya Laraya who had the most humble presence and spoke unassuming words. But when he grabbed the mic as one of the main speakers, he proved that he was indeed one of the country's greatest financial minds! Speaking in a very straightforward and sometimes comical language that blew us away, he opened our eyes toward the errors and missed opportunities when it came to investing. A breath of fresh air from throngs of insurance agents who claim to be "financial advisors," he helped me reform my take on saving up for my son. See, I like seeing his savings account grow (proud to say he has a hefty amount in the bank, partly his earnings when he was about 1 year old, appearing in  J & J TV commercial, and mostly thanks to my diligence in collecting monetary gifts  from his godparents every year) but now, with my son's blessing and his own words spoken in his sweet six-year old voice, "Mommy, sa Ayala Corporation na lang," we are now gearing to get him some shares in one of the country's biggest and strongest companies.
Also met Ms. Aiza Tabayoyong, Life Coach extraordinaire! She made me and most of the mums there realise the mistakes and shortcomings that we have as moms, but we can always better ourselves for our kids! 
I even openly shared how I am too much of a permissive mom, but now, thanks to her opening my eyes, I am striving to be more of a democratic mother; because even my son's best friend believes that I am one of their playmates! And so while I want to pinch and kiss his cheeks when he asserts his royal bratty-ness (which I adore and find so cute) I have realised that it is time to shape him, otherwise his "sense of entitlement" and the fact that he always gets away with things might become inimical to his character and ultimately, his future. So here I am below with my little boss, future shareholder of major companies here in the Philippines! :-) 
Every minute of the meaningful and fabulous event was truly a blessing! So happy to be part of this, and I look forward to growing in every aspect, thanks to these amazing experiences, both as a professional and as a mom! 
From the bottom of my heart, I thank Smart Parenting Magazine and the exceptional Summit Media events team for trusting me with events especially with themes closest to my heart!