Friday, July 17, 2015

Glee with Galileo: the Singapore Math Learning Festival

Thank God for Galileo and Singapore Math! Having the honour of attending the 3rd Singapore Math Learning Festival, held at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati as their master of ceremony for that one eventful and empowering day surely opened my eyes to the fact that: (1) Singapore Math techniques would have helped me be so much more today if I had been immersed to it and (2) I need to ensure that my son is equipped with it, as I am certain that this is one of the greatest investments I will make for his future.
Apart from my hosting hat that day, I had my mummy-hat on, oh, and my thinking hat too, as I joined the almost thousands of participants learn about the latest trends in learning especially when it comes to math, and we actually had our hands on (read: REALLY HARD) math problems! 

I remember as a child, I always, always shied away from Math. While it was good that back then I already knew what I wanted to (communication arts, a.k.a chatting with seat mates and creative writing and literature appreciation a.k.a reading pocket books while my math teacher droned on not realising that I wasn't behaved and reading my math book - I was reading Sweet Valley High or Nancy Drew back then), but it would have been much greater if I had the basic foundation, especially if it was Singapore Math! So, thank you, Ms. Rowena Matti, CEO and Ms. Fides Reyes, Business Development Head for letting me part of this event. Below is Ms. Matti, Galileo and I: 
But I am so glad I found you, Galileo, and I will definitely make sure that my son grows with you! So glad that there will be a branch opening near my house soon, so I hope that you help me equip my son for his blazing bright future ahead! Be a Galileo Whiz Kid today! 
- Marylaine Louise Viernes