Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thank Q, Quezon City for a memorable Women's Month Celebration!

To this date, the jingle of the Quezon City Women's Month Celebration still rings a pleasant sound in the ears of my mind. It goes, "Bida, sa QC ang kababaihan..." It is LSS every single day! Just goes to show how memorable and pleasant it was to be part of this amazing celebration, led by the beautiful and smart Vice Mayor of Quezon City, Joy Belmonte. 

Above shows me with this lovely and well-loved Public Servant, during the culminating activity - the Quezon City Partners Night, which was also her Birthday Celebration! I certainly had a lot of fun, being the host of this significant event and party! 

Of course I had to take a Selfie with Speaker Sonny Belmonte, the father of Vice Mayor Joy! 

But prior to this mesmerizing evening affair, I also had the honor of being the Master of Ceremony of the empowerment talks held at the QC Municipal Hall Building, in celebration of International Women's Month. Below shows me introducing our speakers for the day-long sessions. I facilitated a series of seminars, talks and fun activities with Women renowned in the fields of Leadership, Arts, Entrepreneurship and more!  

All of the topics addressed issues closest to a Woman's Heart. We tackled everything from Time Management, Tips in starting your own Business all the way to Power Dressing and even Makeup! 

Thank you so much to the ever-reliable and smart team of Creative Juice and their boss, Super Mom, Wife, Blogger, Entrepreneur Ms. Janice Villanueva of Mommy Mundo - check her amazing blog by following this link  http://janicevillanueva.com/ . 

To end this post, I just love the freebies for all the QC Women's Fair talks - shawls! My favorite accessory - giving me comfort and flair at the same time! With this lovely new shawl, I continue to echo the unforgettable, award-winning line in my forever favorite song from the hit Disney movie, Frozen, "The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway..."