Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Simply PLANTSA-STIK: Hosting for the Philips Perfect Care event, featuring Philips perfect plantsa!

I am just so happy and delighted, every single time that I get to host my events! But it isn't too obvious with the photo above... right? But first, my video in plantsa-stik hosting action:
Crazy right? Yup... not just to iron your clothes, but it can iron your hair and maybe your act too! Haha! Love this brand!!!
I am truly honoured for the many years I got to host for such a respected brand like Philips, starting out with Philips AVENT, and then Philips Kitchen appliances. This year, I've had the honor of leading the media launch of the newest Philips steam irons. And all I can say is that Philips never runs out of surprises and that their Perfect Care steam irons are beyond perfect! Here's a glimpse of this wonderful day with the Philips principals, partners and members of the media...
Held at Shangri-la Plaza East Cafe, this was an afternoon of fun and adventure...  I had a little too much fun, as we ironed all types of cloths, even rubber balloons, and... you wouldn't guess... 
My Hair! Yes, I am a proud owner of a Philips Hair Iron, but this Perfect Care steam iron can iron your hair too... Ironic.... More like IRON-ic! Yep, for the love my my job as emcee, and for the love of Philips, by all means, iron my hair! Philips steam-ironed hair, don't care!  
But the thing is, PHILIPS cares! Yes, it's amazing that it didn't hurt me or dry my hair. In fact, it worked wonders! But let's not get carried away; this Philips steam iron is for ironing all - yes all kinds of cloth imaginable, but all we wanted to show everyone was how safe it was to use this miracle product! Oh Philips, you continue to be the one and only meaningful innovator! And this lovely lady ironing my hair is Pia... nope, not Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach; she's the ever-gorgeous Business Development & Marketing Manager of Philips... 
Yup I am enjoying this experience... the facial expressions caught on cam, from total fright and doubt, to enjoyment and now, in total ease... truly, Philips cares... perfectly! I can even host while Pia irons my hair... with no less than this brand new Philips steam iron! 
 The lifestyle bloggers had tons of fun trying out this amazing product too! And the best part? We each got to bring home one... sweet! 
 Dream Team: Philips with members of CYA, their distributor-partner.
Lastly, I had to pose with super awesome and funny entrepreneur, Mr. Franklin Chan, the main man behind CYA Land and Fabriano Spa; one of the drivers of success for Philips appliances! 
Thank you Philips. I loved my very own perfect iron... time to iron the blues away and straighten up my life... how very apt. LOL. And, as how I usually end my blog posts, I'd appreciate it if you can click on these other links below too, for more of my many wonderful hosting gigs and adventures! Thanks for dropping by, have a perfect, wrinkle-free day!