Saturday, January 7, 2017

Monsteriffic Martian Mary reporting for duty at Sky Life's Night Sky Cinema Halloween!

Feeling so blessed for hosting another year at the Monsterriffic Halloween event 2016! But of course, we start with a quick video clip of this memorable howl-o-ween party! How'd you like my monstergy (Monstergy = monster + intergalactic energy)?
Thank you, One Sky for your monsteriffic faith in me as the events host for your family and kid events! Before I share with you about this memorable event, let me first give a snapshot of the gory details before I arrived in Nuvali for this event. So I arrived at about 1.30 pm, 30 minutes late for my call time. Good thing the program started about 4 pm so I still had time. But if you thought that 2 hours was enough time, think again! My hosting accessories and main monster outfit got stuck in the traffic, in my mom's car! So thankfully, Ayala Malls Solenad (I love Ayala Malls!) was right there so I boarded my spacecraft and found awesome finds, all for a total of just 800 pesos. Here I am now, as Mary the googly-eyed Monster Martian host! 
 Photo above was selfie before the start of the event, with the daytime crowd. Below, the same thing, only this time we welcomed over 20,000 people attending the event! Can you believe how many people I've hosted for in this one night? Oh, those things around my face aren't warts, those are my extra eyes! It's so hard to be an extraterrestrial these days! 
 And now back to the program, can you guess who this Pokemon Trainer I caught below? Isn't he cute and handsome? Hint: I helped this young man make his DIY Pokemon trainer Ask Ketchum look for Halloween! He and the rest of the kids proudly showed off their looks onstage! Pikachu, I choose you! But nope, forget about Pikachu, I would choose this handsome young lad over any cuddly Pokemon any day! 
And I caught him again after the Night Sky Cinema movie sessions! 
Yes, we played a ton of fun, monsteriffic games and gave out a ton of prizes in-between the amazing monster-themed movies! 
On a side note, I loved how the security of the event was ultra tight. In fact the organizers even got me insurance for the day, as you know how it gets sometimes during concerts. And one of the little security staff was this little yummy puppy that a monster  Martian like me just cannot resist. So I had to pose with him, but don't worry I didn't eat him after! (I heard aliens eat dogs but I am a vegetarian alien). 
Visited the Sky Life #ONESky booth too! Love their crew!!! 
EYE got my eyes on you. Here's one last look of my out-of-this-world Monster-Martian look. Hope you liked it! As you would have noticed by now, apart from my hosting gigs getting me a lot of exposure and big, big savings, it's my lovely excuse to often glam up, and during special times, Monster up! Brings out the Makeup artist, Stylist, Script-writer, etc in me! 
Thanks for visiting and reading all about my Halloween adventure! Thank you SKY LIFE! I am proud to be under One Sky with my wonderful Sky Cable event bosses; please don't forget to click on my other official sites below too! 
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