Tuesday, February 7, 2017

LEGO watch the greatest Batman film ever! My Lego Batman Movie Review:

Lego Batman is probably the most epic Batman movie ever, not to mention the one with the best-written lines I have ever heard! Take that, Iron Man; this movie surely will be a success when it opens on cinemas February 9, 2017! That what you call 'Robin' it in! Truly, Batman continues to reign as my top 1 favourite superhero; it was just like yesterday that I held and secured my Batman action figure which stood out yet comfortably sat alongside my dollies. Batman as a cute tine thumb-sized lego? Why not! First of all, I would like to thank the ever-wonderful President of Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox Philippines, Mr. Francis Soliven and the gorgeous Ms. Mae Vecina for the invites (also watching Hidden Figures tonight too; please watch out for my separate movie review on that, soon). My family and I had tons of fun with the movie, and with the pre-movie surprises, like these ones. First stop, check out the Dynamic Duo! 
Truly perfect for the family, the Lego Batman Movie hilariously follows Batman from a state of absorbedness to selflessness. And in the process, finding the family he has long been taking for granted in spite of them always having his back. 
Gotham City sees a new dawn with Barbara Gordon being the new commissioner who is less keen (compared to her father) on simply pressing the Bat-signal button for every form of villain distress. But while she lauds Batman, she aims to play a more active role. In fact, too active that Batman, I mean, Bruce Wayne becomes too smitten that he finds out he actually adopted a Son... And I mean Dick Grayson who eventually comes up with his own monicker, Robin. Eventually, the two set out on a mission, only to find out that the Justice League... well... was celebrating a milestone without Batman (this scene gave me all the more reason to dislike Superman and connect with Batman deeper). So anyway, Robin, a born-superhero follows to the thumb, and that's where the chaos begins. Truly hilarious chaos that's worth watching with the entire family! Trust me, if you don't bring your family along, you will feel like Batman watching the movie, Jerry Maguire alone! 
The opening was really witty and funny, and you can surely expect an exciting ride all the way to the closing credits! And for the very first time, I fell in love with Joker and finally got to appreciate him. After all, how can you NOT fall in love with this face? 
Of course, I couldn't resist posing with cute life-sized Lego Batman and Michael Keaton-version-lookalike-Batman; excuse my disheveled aura and my filthy sneakers (I was crime-fighting okay) as I flew in straight from work; wouldn't miss this movie for the world! I wonder where Batmen and I were gazing at thought... 
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And in a way, I too, am like Batman (Bruce Wayne by day, caped crusader by night), as I hustle in my day job, but still get to take on my passion of being an events host / emcee! I'd appreciate it if you can click on these links below too about my events hosting adventures!