Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Money Savvy Moms and Kids troop to the first-ever Smart Parenting Money Strategies event!

They say that money is the root of all evil. I beg to differ. For I'd agree more to 'lack of money is the root of all evil.' At least that's the reality in this country. The one common excuse for crime would be poverty. That's why for me, that quote holds so much injustice. It's the inability to properly handle and make money, plus, untoward greed for money that is evil. 
Good thing that nowadays, learning how to be Money Savvy is gaining ground! In fact, I was again so blessed to be the emcee for Smart Parenting's first-ever Money Strategies event, held really early in the morning! But surprisingly, so many smart moms and their little ones in tow were able to come to the event early, a sign of their eagerness to improve their lives, especially for the sake of their loved ones. Speaking of love, I love this girl below... one of the pretty ladies from Summit Media, group publisher, Ms. Melody De Leon Lalata... 
And more about love, I for one have already set up a savings account for my beloved little boy when he was born. When he was about close to two years old, thanks to his chubby cheeks, cute smile, round belly & rotund bumbum, he landed a TV commercial gig that got him about 50,000 pesos! Since then, all of his savings goes to his bank account. 
But what's more wonderful about being part of Summit Media and Smart Parenting's Money Strategies event, was that I finally understood the value of availing life insurance. With the hopes of course that I won't ever avail the death benefit, but enjoy the longterm life savings that come with it! I have also made my first investment in real estate and I pray for more blessings from God to gift me with a ton more opportunities while enriching my financial wisdom! 
I am truly revelling in the joys of being both a mom and an events host! Thank you, Smart Parenting for always entrusting your empowering events to me! Not only do I get to live out my passion as an events host, but I also learn about the vital stuff, especially when you get superb speakers such as my favourite financial Guru Aya Laraya (who I have met in another Summit Media event, Smart Parenting Baby Shower) and also the admirable FQ mom, Rose Fres Fausto, beside me below! 
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Master of Ceremonies for Marikina Valley Medical Center, MVMC's 10th year Anniversary!

Unable to take any proper photos at all, but that won't stop me from blogging about this phenomenal event: Marikina Valley Medical Centre, MVMC's 10th year anniversary; but that is not all, for this night was also a toast to the hospital's important milestone: becoming part of the MPIC Hospital Network. Here's a video of this splendid occasion: 
Excuse the photo above... only one of the few times I am forced to take a Selfie! And photo below was of me in action. LOL. And that's about the only other photo that I've got of this night. I was without a companion, but it was still a perfect gig! I had the opportunity of meeting the wonderful people behind MVMC, like President Lyle Morrell and Ms. Grace Aba... thank you for the chance and honor to be your emcee! Plus the shirt I wore, with the big 1-0... I belong! 
And one of the extra special surprises of this night was having was my name actually printed out in all of the programmes, seen on every single table... sweet! Yup, the MC of MVMC, reporting for duty!
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Won't you take me to... Giving Town! The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's unforgettable Holiday launch!

COFFEE. TEA. COMMUNITY. Welcome to the Giving Town! Stories, songs, social causes and so much more. So thrilled to be a big part of this much-awaited event by my favourite coffee and tea shop, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf! 
It's the White Christmas I've long dreamt of, come true! Well, it wasn't exactly the snowy dreamland I've been gearing for with my family and I wrapped up in Eskimo fashion; we are striving for that this year 2017. Here I was welcoming everyone to this breathtaking Giving Town! 
With the gorgeous brand managers of The Table Group, Inc. the powerhouse behind my favorite food brands: Wingstop Philippines, Classic Confections, and of course, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf! 
 Welcoming one and all to this meaningful event. Don't you just love the Giving Town's exquisite backdrop? This memorable launch was held at The Gallery of Greenbelt 5. 
 With my bosses for the day, Ella Reyes and Nina Gregorius, Marketing Managers of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines! All white... all bright! 
 Chatting up one of the talented beneficiaries of Habitat for Humanity Philippines below before she wowed everyone with her powerful voice... 
But the White Christmas I was so blessed to be part of was The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Giving Town event, where I served as master of ceremonies! This extra special media event wasn't just the avenue to launch the much awaited Giving Journal 2017; it also served as a means for the brand that I love to create awareness of how they are able to give back to the community, by featuring various social groups, aimed at addressing the many social problems in the country. This day brimmed not just with fun and excitement, but meaning and purpose too! 
Posing with the beautiful Nella, Ella and Nina! I love 'em! 
Thanks for joining me as I walk back again through this memorable occasion. I also brought home my very own 2017 Giving Journal! Mine is in Turquoise, with the icon, 'the cup that overflows.' What Giving Journal will you choose this 2017? 
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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Monsteriffic Martian Mary reporting for duty at Sky Life's Night Sky Cinema Halloween!

Feeling so blessed for hosting another year at the Monsterriffic Halloween event 2016! But of course, we start with a quick video clip of this memorable howl-o-ween party! How'd you like my monstergy (Monstergy = monster + intergalactic energy)?
Thank you, One Sky for your monsteriffic faith in me as the events host for your family and kid events! Before I share with you about this memorable event, let me first give a snapshot of the gory details before I arrived in Nuvali for this event. So I arrived at about 1.30 pm, 30 minutes late for my call time. Good thing the program started about 4 pm so I still had time. But if you thought that 2 hours was enough time, think again! My hosting accessories and main monster outfit got stuck in the traffic, in my mom's car! So thankfully, Ayala Malls Solenad (I love Ayala Malls!) was right there so I boarded my spacecraft and found awesome finds, all for a total of just 800 pesos. Here I am now, as Mary the googly-eyed Monster Martian host! 
 Photo above was selfie before the start of the event, with the daytime crowd. Below, the same thing, only this time we welcomed over 20,000 people attending the event! Can you believe how many people I've hosted for in this one night? Oh, those things around my face aren't warts, those are my extra eyes! It's so hard to be an extraterrestrial these days! 
 And now back to the program, can you guess who this Pokemon Trainer I caught below? Isn't he cute and handsome? Hint: I helped this young man make his DIY Pokemon trainer Ask Ketchum look for Halloween! He and the rest of the kids proudly showed off their looks onstage! Pikachu, I choose you! But nope, forget about Pikachu, I would choose this handsome young lad over any cuddly Pokemon any day! 
And I caught him again after the Night Sky Cinema movie sessions! 
Yes, we played a ton of fun, monsteriffic games and gave out a ton of prizes in-between the amazing monster-themed movies! 
On a side note, I loved how the security of the event was ultra tight. In fact the organizers even got me insurance for the day, as you know how it gets sometimes during concerts. And one of the little security staff was this little yummy puppy that a monster  Martian like me just cannot resist. So I had to pose with him, but don't worry I didn't eat him after! (I heard aliens eat dogs but I am a vegetarian alien). 
Visited the Sky Life #ONESky booth too! Love their crew!!! 
EYE got my eyes on you. Here's one last look of my out-of-this-world Monster-Martian look. Hope you liked it! As you would have noticed by now, apart from my hosting gigs getting me a lot of exposure and big, big savings, it's my lovely excuse to often glam up, and during special times, Monster up! Brings out the Makeup artist, Stylist, Script-writer, etc in me! 
Thanks for visiting and reading all about my Halloween adventure! Thank you SKY LIFE! I am proud to be under One Sky with my wonderful Sky Cable event bosses; please don't forget to click on my other official sites below too! 
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