Tuesday, April 3, 2018

And thus the third and final post in this series, about our fun summer-tacular Philips Kulinarya road show is no less than the grand time that my Philips kitchen cooking partner, Ms. Nancy Reyes Lumen and I had at San Lorenzo Village Makati... 
We are at it again! Our funny, quirky tandem really works! It's where a pro (Nancy, of course) gets to work with a total noob in the kitchen (me, of course)! 
But while Nancy Lumen is a pro and I am not... we both rely on one thing... our sturdy, trusty Philips Kitchen appliances! 
 And look how hard at work I was! The dedicated apprentice slash host/master of ceremonies. This is not just a super cool job, it's also a chance for me to learn from the best... Miss Nancy and Philips! 
Check out the big crowd at San Lorenzo Makati... I think this is the biggest audience we've had for our Philips Kulinarya so far!

And now, as always, time to give away some fab Philips kitchen appliances as prizes... 
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