Saturday, April 30, 2016

Summer's hottest events: UST Unending Race, Takbo Tomasino and the TXTFIRE Olympics 2016!

Summer's the hottest it has ever been and I don't just mean the temperature! It's been a whirlwind of events and there was this one weekend where I had five events... I still wonder now how I mustered to squeeze in all of those! Plus, there's a ton of pending events to blog about, so I am doing my posts two events in one go; so now I begin with the UST Fun Run, entitled, "Takbo Tomasino," with a 4 am call time, but it was the coolest, swiftest event and it ran fast as the Tomasian participants! 
Excuse the terrible 4 am "I woke up like this" look. It was so early, it was still so dark! Below in my usual nerdy self. Anyway I am bound to get sweaty under the heat, with my spiels as sweat spills... 
 Thank you my beloved JC (extreme left) for enlisting me for this event. We're both from different universities (I will forever be grateful to DLSU Manila, Animo La Salle!) but we are glad to work with the Thomasians. Thanks to Dorothy too, number 1 events lady (her shirt says it too). And to this guy on my right in the photo, I don't know who you are and why you joined our photo but it's all good; Congratulations to UST for the successful Unending Race: Takbo Tomasino 2016! 
And it was on this same day that I quickly showered and changed for OOTD # 2, as I got ready to host for another one of TXTFIRE Olympics' fantastically fiery events! I am thankful to be working with these awesome guys since the first event I had with them sometime in 2011 - for the first ever TXTFIRE Olympics and wow, they are now on their 6th year! But more than that, I am thankful for each and everyone of these volunteer firefighters, for whom this tilt is being organized. 
Fashion Ins-FIRE-ation. Now, for my OOTD # 2 I'd like to all this, FIRE INSFIRED! Don't you think that lower part of this dress is reminiscent of dancing flames? With an ash black top and of course a hint of purple around the waist, with this uber 'Ube' sash in honour of Mr. Ube, Gerry Chua, founder of Eng Bee Tin and the kind-hearted visionary behind this all... Reading the flow of the program; we don't usually go by the script; we are as free to move as the flames... 
With our trusty Kuya Neal, who's been our floor director and guide since the very first TXTFIRE Olympics in 2011... Here he is giving directions to Joyce and I... in my fire-inspired dress and my co-host Joyce in her Minnie-culously cute outfit; as our DJ West looks on as photo bomber. LOL.
Mabuhay ang mga tunay na bayani: ang bumberong Pilipino! 
As to be expected, this event was scorching hot, but we kept our cool... talk about the coolest co-hosts, this year I get to team up with professional stand-up comedienne, Jelly Joyce with with comedian-singer extraordinaire, Noel! And let's not forget our talented DJ West!
The TXTFIRE Squad. We provided the voices and sounds in this meaningful affair and we are so thankful for the chance to do so! Brilliant and funny people to work with made things easy under the blazing sun; everything was perfect on set... and speaking of set, check out this breathtaking sunset...
And as no matter how hot the sun blazes, it gives way to night. I'd like to share that no matter how hard I work, I always look forward to coming home to (or in this case, being fetched by) the reason for all my intense hard work... this young lad, my greatest joy. He respects and admires the fire fighters, especially with how we witnessed firsthand a fire within our village! And the best part? He got to check out one of the many fire trucks surrounding the TXTFIRE OLYMPICS grounds. Cool!