Monday, April 14, 2014

How my son saved Earth Hour!

I take pride and happiness in my work - both as a Leasing Manager and also as an events host. Indeed, I am very thankful, but nothing can ever compare to my pride and love for my son, whom I like to call my GM (my boss, Godric Matthew). 
Above - My Internalizing Spidey. While I like to take control of the stage and the crowd when I work as emcee, I can never contain my laughter and my smile which I feel stretches a thousand miles from my face, to the point of aching already! Whenever my son gets to go onstage to win a handful of costume competitions or when he is on the field playing soccer, I just beam with pride, like any other mother, but with me, my stage mom vibe just explodes!  
Per the request SM Pasig, my son brought one of his favorite superheroes to life, to lead the switch-off ceremonies in celebration of EARTH HOUR! Here he is with SM mall manager, Ms. Bel Bartolome, and Pasig Councilor, Lex Santiago. My superhero just saved the day, and had fun too! 
I tell my son that to be a Superhero, you must always do what is Right... and so he took it to heart and there he is, doing the "Write" Thing, at the Earth Hour Freedom Wall.  
"With Great Power, comes Great Responsibility." We've all heard this line so many times, and it became unforgettable when it became part of the script in one of the many Spider-man movies! Above shows our councilor and mall manager, plus of course my powerful superhero (who has power over me with just a smile), and they all teach us to properly handle the power entrusted in each of us, and harness the power within. 
Of course my Superhero, Spidey had to eat some ice cream after saving the Earth! You deserve it, big boy! But apart from my snaps on how he saved SM Pasig on our unforgettable Earth Hour celebration, I would also like to share how much my Spidey loves animals, too! At home, he has adopted my sister's (his aunt) old pit bulls, and he cares for them a lot! Here's  a few adorable snaps of my animal champion, Spidey too! 
Top, his new-found poodle buddy and photo below is him cuddling his newly-hatched pet chick! He is gentle, and he knows how to control his "power" to not squish his chick. 
Remember that Power is from within - what we see in the outside world is what we visualize within! To the dull mind, all nature is scary and bleak. To the bright, optimistic mind, the whole world burns and sparkles with light! Choose what you see, and unleash the power, the being that is yet to be!