Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sister hosting act at the World Pigeon and Exotic Pet Expo 2016

I am very grateful that for the fifth consecutive year now, I get to be the emcee of the World Gamefowl Expo, which has grown to include the World Pigeon Expo and Congress as well as Reptile X, showcasing only the best exotic pets and reptiles in the world! But this post is not about me (save mine for a later post) this is for my younger sister, Natalie! I welcome her aboard as she becomes my partner for this year's event which has grown much bigger so it had to be two of us to emcee! 
My sister Natalie shares my passion for speaking, hosting and meeting new people! If you need hosts for your events, you know how you can contact her: through her big sister and manager, me. LOL. She can take on weekends only for like me she embarks on a meaningful day job. She is a business analyst for the healthcare industry by the weekday, and events emcee during the weekends! 
Here's my li'l sister Natalie emceeing for the thousands of enthusiasts who came to the Pigeon Expo & Congress plus Exotic pet showcase for all three days of this exhilarating expo event! 
But apart from the fact that I get to grow with this event as it continues to grow and more and more people come to join us each year (Thanks to my amazing Worldexco & Pit Games Media family), what made this year extra special was the fact that my younger sister, Natalie, got to emcee with me! She was on deck for the other side - for the World Pigeon Expo and Congress plus this year's highly-anticipated Reptile X shows! Working with my sister and seeing her enrich herself through such a meaningful event while having fun at the same time was truly a joy! I may even be more excited for her than she is! I am so proud of her because even if she has hosted for a handful of other events in the past - this is her biggest one so far, over a hundred thousand came for each of the three days of this annual activity!  
 Check out the cool pets from my sister's side of this event... like this fluffy little hamster that is just too adora-BALL !!! 
 And here's my lovely sister Natalie checking out the awesome exotic pets during her break time... We both went crazy over this huge Sulcata Tortoise... Yes, that ain't a sculpture it's the real deal! 
We brought home a baby one home too and my son named her Sammy. Our very own pet Sulcata Tortoise... we just love these gentle creatures... I will write more about our own pet tortoise on my next blog post. Note to the DENR, we got our cute and veggie-voracious little Sammy her paper requirements for exotic pets and we are taking good care of her.  Can't wait to write about her!
Thank you for visiting my blog today! May our blessings and our appreciation toward these blessings grow brighter and bigger each day. But most importantly, may we all be capable of and find joy in sharing these blessings out of love, gratitude and sincere generosity. My heartfelt thanks once more to my wonderful Worldexco & Pit Games family for giving this chance to my sister, and Congratulations to you, my dear sister Nate!!! More gigs and adventures to come for the both of us!