Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Camp Master Mary says "We CAN and We WILL" (With Friso Four)

I just can't stop raving about the milk that even I am crazy four (for), yes you guessed that right, it's Friso Four! I will forever be thankful for being part of the 2015 Friso Fun Camp experience as its official campaign events host. And getting all those free cans of milk are a big help to me too! My son loves drinking it and so do I - with its delicious and refreshing taste, that even moms love! 
Believe it or not, whenever my son and I drink our Friso milk from our Friso CANS (which is another one of our many bonding activities), we know that we CAN do anything we put our hearts into! And for me, that includes hosting events, and I definitely loved hosting our recent FRISO FUN CAMP, this time at the Alabang Town Center! 
Here are some of my fun and quirky insights as host / camp master of Friso Four: 
1. Turn your "Can't s" into "Cans" and make sure that you have a Can of Friso Four too! Yes, we all can achieve our dreams. Like for me, hosting events has been one of my many big dreams, and I can very well remember how I prayed hard for this - the chance to enjoy what hosting gives me - good pay, pride and fun freebies and other fringe benefits! I remember all my efforts to be given the chance by people who at first didn't know what I was capable of neither did they believe in me. But getting one foot in is not even half of the job. It's staying here for as long as I can, and that is tempering my behaviour that means staying professional even when I feel tired, mad or hungry; and always being beyond my best (and always being pleasantly unpredictable at each event). Always reach out and ask for help you will never know who will be willing to help you and give you a chance. And lastly I always need milk energy each time I host for my non-stop excitement and "Mary-ment"(merriment). 
2. I can and I will! Yes I will never tire of saying how thankful I am to host so many events in a week! So many different facets of myself unravel. And while I struggle to balance my day job plus these awesome hosting jobs and of course my role as daughter, sister and mother I have now come to accommodate things that will help me remember, and take the necessary steps to achieve all my other dreams (you don't know the gazillion ideas burning and blazing through my mind each minute). My day job and workplace which are comprised of such awesome people - and of course my greater network of friends from my hosting jobs may be distractions from what I have always known to be my ultimate dream and role in this world - but practically speaking, I need these two as they enrich me (financially, emotionally, mentally) so it should just be a matter of really accommodating more time to work on the solid ideas in my mind into something I can grasp and share to the world. So hopeful for the future - for me and my son. It is as bright and clear as this crystal glass holding my son's Friso milk. Dreams and the struggle to achieve it will have to wait for it's time to tuck my son and kiss him good night. Plus, this un-glam but awesome photo below from one of our many playground adventures! Excuse our  crazy faces.
- Marylaine Louise Viernes (Click Me)