Sunday, September 10, 2017

Cleaning up my act as I turn Dirty Thirty!

So... this post about me reaching 'Dirty Thirty' had been in the 'drafts' section until one year after, now that I am turning 31 already! Wow, time really flies by so fast, so these were the magical moments I spent with my son at the City of Dreams in celebration of me reaching the dreaded three oh! We looked like Smurfs, who could make really yummy gingerbread men! These poor gingerbread men were devoured in two bites! 
If only my little buddy boy here and I can simply have fun and play all day! Nah, I need to work harder for my dreams and for my son's future; and my beloved boy needs to study hard to be like Megamind!
Thank you, Lord for all of my blessings! For the ability to afford an overnight stay at City of Dreams and an unforgettable time at Dreamplay! Also for supporting us and once in a while allowing us to savor the finest things that life has to offer!
Happy Birthday to me! This young man is the greatest gift I have ever received from God, and I pray that he also cherishes my presence in his life as one of his most meaningful gifts too... 
And here's a throwback to about two or three years ago, when I also checked into a hotel to celebrate my birthday, with the same love of my life, only smaller and much lighter and the same goes for me as well...
I will soon be 31, and I pray that life continues to be kind and wonderful, allow me to be a step closer to my dreams and most of all, equip me to help my son achieve the bright future that he deserves! But for now, let us all click on below for more of my hosting adventures!
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