Sunday, August 31, 2014

Four Hour Zumba Fun at the GNC Fitness Marathon!

I can never forget the blaze of colors, the shrieks of joy and excitement, and the warmth of the Zins and my newfound Zumbanatic friends at the GNC Z-Dance Fitness Marathon 2014! I was, of course the proud emcee slash Zumba dance trainee! All the Zins (Licensed Zumba Instructors) were simply amazing, and the big crowd of over a thousand Zumba fanatics were just so fantastic! Please check out my opening spiels, and I hope you appreciate it. Kindly excuse my crazy mismatched Zumba outfit - it's a fashion crime I know, (discotheque meets neon sporty), but what the heck? Nobody cares as long as we all did our best and had fun! Check out the video by clicking this link: GNC Burn 60 Fitness Marathon Event Video.

I think that of all the events I have every hosted, this would be the largest! Over a thousand came to dance their way to fitness and make history as we mounted the first-ever, four hour Zumba dance fitness marathon! I would also like CRIZOR Photography for these wonderful pictures! 

So, there we were, dancing for four hours (okay, so I only participated in like 5 songs) but I was staring in amazement the whole time. Zumba was really a fun way towards a healthier lifestyle! Kudos to GNC for coming up with a groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind activity to raise awareness towards wellness. 

Would like to thank the events extraordinaire of Sixth Sense, Mr. Alec Pang and Manny for trusting me to host this fun event. They are also fabulous dancers and Zins, known as the TwinZ!  

With the many things I take on (a day job, event hosting, church service and my son), I am reminded that "Time is Gold... and so is our Health. Use both wisely, for these are the fundamentals to everything else that we aspire for in life."  

- Marylaine Louise Viernes

A ton of fun at the Dolan I-Learn School Caravan!

I have been blessed to take on many projects from Unilab, which is a trusted name when it comes to health and wellness. I was at the Forti-D launch of Unilab and also in their Kidney Care campaigns. This time, I got to work for Dolan! As a mom, I personally use Dolan every time my son suffers from fever. It gives me peace of mind, and it really helps my son heal quickly! 

Meet my friend, SPEEDY! He moves so fast, similar to how quick Dolan helps kids, and gives moms peace of mind... 

That is why I was so glad to be part of this year's Dolan I-Learn School Caravan, with their first leg held at Canossa School in the South. It was really such a fun-tastic event, and very special too since I got to work again with a long time friend, Ms. Tiny Garner who used to get me for many Enchanted Kingdom events when I was very young, and starting out as an events host. I am happy that she now has her own events firm, which you may check out at The Eventastic Website . 

Also, I met a ton of amazing people including Ms. Genevieve Tan the very lovely brand manager for Dolan, and also other friends: a doctor, entertainers who all contributed to making the event a success! I learned so much indeed, and more importantly, had a lot of fun! 

To end, I would like to share a few photos of myself and my energetic boy: One is a recent photo of me and my son, at a fun party in his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume. I also have my throwback photo below, where my adorable son, was barely a year old! Please excuse my filthy clothing in my crazy throwback photo. We just love to play all the time! IN fact today, we even had a long cleansing bath in the rain! I was shivering from the cold, but he had the best time of his life! Now, I need Dolan, too!!! 

"Youth may vanish... the warmth of Love turns cold... the leaves of Friendship falls... But a Mother's Hope outlives them all, and her fervent Prayers prevail throughout her Child's Life..." - Marylaine Louise Viernes