Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Magic and Masquerade at the Panalpina GBS Christmas and 2017 Kick-off Party!

I am so blessed to emcee for Panalpina GBS once again! This year's mesmerising kick-off party, which also served as the company's Christmas and Thanksgiving gala was held at Blue Leaf Pilipinas, City of Dreams, boasting of such a meaningful and exciting program that was vibrant from start to finish. Masks, anyone?
The night was all about good news, how the company has achieved their targets for 2016, and is even gearing for expansion this 2017. And why not, with the excellence, dedication and vision of their leaders? In fact, here I am with one of Panalpina GBS' head honchos who had opened the night with a beautiful prayer: 
And now, please watch this clip as I did my opening spiels... I still  love reminiscing about this dreamy night... 
A big hug to Paramint, led by husband and wife, Jan and Nikita Paola Sebial! They are top of mind when it comes to events organization, conceptualization and even creatives and stage design... just look at the perfect execution of Panalpina's White Masquerade Ball theme! Such a joy to work with Paramint and Panalpina. Speaking of, joy, here I was in a candid shot with another one of the head honchos of the company during one of my floor interactions during the program:
Lastly, I closed the program with my favorite story, my gift and expression of thanks to the company for again believing in me. This story never grows old; I never get tired of repeating this countlessly in most of my events, with the hope of stirring someone's soul. Hope you never get tired of me saying this captivating Christmas story too...
You can see how I just loved to dress up for this occasion! My gorgeous dress from topped with my my dainty blue butterfly mask to gel into the masquerade look. But to complete my look, I did my own hairdo; did this rushing from an earlier event that day to make it in time for this one. And with my eyes closed. This is the finished product, viola! I hope you like it! Doing my hair and makeup is always a hit or miss, but this braided, weaved up 'do was good enough for me. Oh, the life of an events host... always on the road!
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