Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Reliving my Magical & Royal Disney Journey with Frozen's Queen Elsa & Princess Anna! (Part 2 of 2)

Still cannot believe that I had another Disney dream come true, rolling with real live Disney Princesses: Queen Elsa and Princess Anna from the Hit movie Frozen, as we promoted Disney on Ice shows and more! After we posed and played with Princesses from the retail kingdoms known as Forum Robinsons and Robinsons Place Manila (Click here to see my earlier blog post on Disney Frozen Meet & Greet first 2 mall shows at Forum Robinsons and Robinsons Place Manila), we now venture into two other lands only brave souls dare go (as these are both awesome shopping havens) - Robinsons Magnolia and Robinsons Galleria! 
Let me start with our super memorable Robinsons Magolia leg. To view my Disneytastic Youtube video clip in action as the events host, click this link below: 
Now comes my Robinsons Galleria leg for the Frozen Meet & Greet, where I had oodles of fun playing games with the Disney Princesses-in-training, who played games with us before meeting and chatting the lovely ladies of Arendelle... I also shared the stage with the talented American ice skating superstar, Phoebe Flynn!
Even with my growing number of new friends and acquaintances, I still value my old friends very much. So happy to see my beautiful friend Karen. Her husband, DJ is a superb Chef who also takes part in cooking shows at Robinsons malls! 
Move over, Elsa and Anna: Meet Karen and DJ's lovely and loving daughters, big sister Kirsten Dana and Baby Kailee. These two beautiful faces are Princesses-in-the-Making! They can sing Frozen songs as great as Elsa and Anna!
 Fun time with these sets of Princess sisters; time to sing my all-time fave Frozen song: For the first time in forever... 
Speaking of Arendelle, here's another Trivia: This fictional kingdom is most likely based on the Norwegian town of Arendal. And it is nice to note that the "eternal winter" theme of the movie might pertain to the reality in Norway, where winter lasts for 8 to 10 months! Now here is another country I must see in this lifetime! I would love to see this new world, meet new people, dive into new cultures. Won't mind the eternal winter here, for I agree with Elsa that, "the cold never bothered me anyway..." Thanks for visiting; don't forget to click my other links below: 
Just like Anna and Elsa, may we all realise that we are Princesses, or even a Queen deep within! Just find your kingdom... I know where my kingdom can be found; it may be a long, arduous journey, with an "eternal winter" between me and this kingdom... but I know I will be there sooner than I hope as I seek out my relentless summer within... Cheers to such a wonderful and rewarding 2015, and I praise my God, who has revealed to me wonderful things this coming year. Praise be to my loving God the Father, the Source of my life's abundance... Praise be to The Word Incarnate, my Saviour, His Son, Jesus Christ... Praise be to my eternal guide and companion, the Holy Spirit now and forever. May God's Will lead me toward my hopes and dreams (both dreams I consider to be stepping stones and the dream that is my Destiny) through the intercession of my Mother, Mary. Amen.

My unforgettable Christmas with Disney featuring Frozen! (Part 1 of 2)

Let it snow... even if I wasn't able to spend my holidays in some distant wintery wonderland like what I have been dreaming of, I think I even had it better as I had a blizzard of blessings this cheery month, topped with the warmth of family, friends plus the newest addition to my hosting portfolio: Disney events! 
Finally, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck let me into their magical realm, and my first project is Disney on Ice, led by an awesome Meet & Greet in four different Robinsons Malls with no less than Queen Elsa and Anna of Arendelle from arguably one of the greatest Disney films of all time: FROZEN! Let it go... let it go... can't let go of the thrill! 
Above are two of my very few snaps for the first two legs, held at The Forum Robinsons and at Robinsons Place Manila! I was even part of the gang on tour, aboard the coaster as we headed to our next destinations... Queen Elsa and Princess Anna were actresses from the United States, and we also had some of the Disney Ice Skaters onboard too! They all flew in for this event. Can you see how much I am beaming with D-light? (Disney delight)
FROZEN TRIVIA: Did you know that this movie was based on Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale entitled, "The Snow Queen?" And well... the story wasn't such a magical tale as in the movie. Just like the original story of the Little Mermaid, which also written by Andersen, the Little Mermaid in his story didn't really have a Happy ever after... she just ended up as sea foam. But thanks to Disney Ariel has become one of my most favourite princesses of all time. But I am glad to have read the original story, when I was about 9 or 10. Yes, I grew up with tales (and tails) I will never outgrow the magic! 

Meet my newest buddies: Mickey and D, plus Queen Elsa and Princess Anna! 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Day 3 of Lalaloopsy's Lalamazing Meet & Greet Party!

I have never been this sad over a party coming to a close... for the past three days, Lalaloopsy land carved a way into my heart, and I could say in the hearts of all these adorable lala-loving little lala-ladies who came to dance, smile, sing and have an unforgettable time with us! Click on this LINK below for a clip on my Youtube channel: 
Plus, here I am with some of the members of this show's phenomenal, professional team! 
Thank you, Ban Kee Trading, Robinsons Malls and to everyone who made our three-day Meet & Greet parties extra special! Thanks for creating lala-lasting memories and making more lala-loving little friends!
 Last pose for the year with Crumbs and Peanut... but we three are looking forward to a sweeter 2016! 
This event was made with Magic and Love ....
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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Lalaloving Day 2 of Lalaloopsy's Spectacular Meet & Greet Party!

And I am back once more for another Sew Magical and Sew Cute post account about my Lala-dorable, Lala-lovable and Lala-rriffic Meet & Greet party at Lalaloopsy land! For Day 2, I just cannot help but go lala over my Lalaloopsy land outfit for the show which I am so glad to come up with - thanks to old stuff in my closet and of course, the trendy outfits on my Lalaloopsy dolls which inspired me to make this look as Twist E. Twirl, made out of love and red licorice...
This day proved to be bigger and better and the place was just jampacked with Lalaloopsy lovers who trooped in Robinsons Galleria to see our Lala-lovely buddies Peanut Big Top and Crumbs Sugar Cookie once more for we all can't get enough of these two! Our event started with a fun Lala-loopsy Movie; to watch this fun Lalaloopsy movie plus my show opening, please follow this link below: 
There were so many sweet treats that day, but for me the sweetest was finally meeting the beautiful Ms. Melissa Costales in person! Thanks Ms. Mel and Sir Joseph for the sweetest treat ever! What a pleasant surprise! Check out my awesome dolls below! I am in Lala-love with them! 
 The place was packed! Check out our gang at Galleria who came to see Peanut Big Top and Crumbs Sugar Cookie dance and give away a ton of prizes.. and while you are at it, spot me in my red top and white bonnet too, if you can... 
Thank you so much, Bankee Trading Corporation and Robinsons Galleria for hosting this memorable  Meet & Greet party! I am so happy to be part of this. All the kids (myself included) will never forget this day! So much Lala-love!
Lots of Lala-love to everyone! Thanks for dropping by and I hope to see you again for Day # 3 of the Lalaloopsiest party ever! Have a Lalaloopsy, Lala-Merry Christmas! Please click on my other sites below too... 
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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Congratulations and Love to Elburg Ship Management Philippines!

No words can truly express my admiration for Ms. Procerfina Terrei, the lovely Chairman of the Board of one of the country's top ship manning conglomerates - Elburg Philippines. She also heads the International Maritime Academy, and also Augustea Ship Manning Philippines as she guides Augustea's President (her beautiful daughter and truly a wonderful friend), Grace Labrusca. Click Here for Related Post: Augustea Philippines 2nd Annual Crew Conference (Year 2015)  and while you are at it, check the first-ever Augustea Conference here too: Augustea Philippines First Crew Conference (Year 2014) honored was I to be the master of ceremonies for her 50th birthday bash at the Manila Peninsula... Here she is, looking all young, but a proud grandma, as she dotes on the kids of her nieces and nephews...
I was also very glad to meet the legendary Mr. Jimmy Santos - one of the most famous comedians in the country. Who needs Alden Richards when you have this funny, talented and humble celebrity in your party who truly livened up the already exciting night! He and the Chairman of Elburg, Ms. Procerfina Terrei are childhood friends... 
And so now, we fast forward to the gist of this post: The 8th Annual Crew Conference of Elburg Ship Management Philippines held at the Blue Leaf Pilipinas, City of Dreams Manila. For this very special occasion, I tried to go for some High Seas Fashion: Check out my "Pirate-slash-Corporate" look below. Certainly, this photo below is all about what Elburg Philippines is about: ONE CREW, ONE HORIZON... 
 Ahoy Mates! My Pirate Queen pose as I stand beside one of the hard-working and promising young cadets of Elburg Ship Management Philippines that day... 
 Through this conference, we became abreast with the latest trends in the Maritime Industry, project implementation status and of course worldwide industry news straight from the distinguished Elburg Group principals... 
I am still elated over the honor of emceeing for this year's Elburg Ship Management Philippines Crew Conference, on its 8th year, and my 2nd time to emcee for them. I learned so much from this event too!
Now spot me if you can in this sea of happy seafarers, maritime experts and our other distinguished guests... a group photo before the conference closes and we head on to the exciting evening gala... 
We all enjoyed a (naughty) gala party after, where I seriously got drunk after 2 shots (of I don't even know what)! Forgive the bad lighting but do know that we all had so much fun! Kisses to Grace, Richelle, Juliet, Madame Procy, and the rest of the wonderful Terrei family and the Elburg group!
Photos below are all thanks to our dearest Anj from Creative Impact Inc. They are a superb events and creatives company! To learn more about them, click this link and visit their website at www.creativeimpactinc.com
And lastly, that night I was able to receive a very special pendant from Lowanna Philippines - thanks so much, Liza, for this beautiful cross pendant; still shopping for the chain that will match this twinkly pendant perfectly so for now this charm is kept in a very special place in my jewellery collection and in my heart! 
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Monday, December 14, 2015

Lots of LA-LA-Love this Christmas at the Lalaloopsy Meet & Greet Party

Welcome to my loopsy-loving recount of the memorable first day of my red-citing adventure as Twist E. Twirls, your Lala-loud and proud Lalaloopsy emcee for this year's biggest and sweetest dream come true: the grand Lalaloopsy Meet & Greet Parties at Robinsons Malls! Glimpse some action during this doll-lala-lightful (delightful) event here:
Lala-lots of Lala-love and Lala-mazing memories to last a Lala-lifetime!
I Lala-Love my job! Not only do I get to speak my mind, make kids happy, but I also get to dress up and rock red hair with matching red pointy tippy toes! Thank you for letting me be Twist E. Twirls!
So here we were at the Lala-riffic Day # 1 held at the Robinsons Midtown Atrium in Robinsons Place Manila where the sweetest little girls and even adorable little boys came to dance, pose and enjoy with Peanut Big Top and Crumbs Sugar Cookie who came to life and also gave life to every little dreamer that day! 
 This lucky young lady here below got to win some of our huge Lala-loopsy dolls - such awesome prizes up for grabs on this lala-lovely first Meet & Greet party day! Check our her big lala-lovely smile!
 Love you Peanut Big Top! Peanut and I share one thing in common - we are both clumsy and crazy! She was born on April Fools' Day... And to my other sweetie, Crumbs Sugar Cookie, since you're not here - please know that I lala-love you too! Loved dancing with my lala-dorable buddies here at Robinsons Manila... I mean, at Lalaloopsy Land! 
OK... so I admit it - I must have had more fun than the kids did! Thank you, Lalaloopsy for letting me be who I am - a kid at heart! Thank you so much to the beautiful Ms. Melissa Costales, Sir Richard and Sir Joseph and to the rest of the awesome members of Bankee Trading Corporation for your faith in me! Big big thanks too to the marketing team of Robinsons led by Ms. Izza Wong and Ms. Carla Tolentino! And lastly, to my new buddies Kuya Kryz and team - it was lala-light and lala-mazingly easy working with you guys! 
Please come back again for I will soon be sharing about our Day 2 & 3 Lala-adventures too! 
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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Smooth sailing at Augustea Philippines' Second Annual Crew Conference

Congratulations to Augustea Ship Manning Philippines for a Successful second Crew Conference!
Truly an honour to be the master of ceremonies for the 2nd annual crew conference of Augustea Ship Manning Philippines, Inc. and being their emcee last year for their first-ever conference makes my heart grow with gratitude! 
The most heartfelt thanks go to the company's wise and beautiful president and now one of my good friends and a lady I find so beautiful inside and out, Ms. Grace Labrusca Terrei and to the rest of the wonderful Terrei family and staff, for trusting me to be master of ceremony for the second consecutive year! I had so much fun and learned a lot from you all.
This photo above is all thanks to Anj Pantaleon of Creative Impact. Like the Official Facebook Page of CreativeImpact Inc. today! Wow, where do I even begin? There were so many highlights for that day, and everything was simply perfect! I was pleasurable to note that just like Elburg Philippines, also managed by the same exceptional Terrei family, Augustea Ship Manning Philippines also brings the same quality of crew management. Indeed, our modern-day heroes, our Seafarers, or should I say Seafare-Heroes are in the best hands with Augustea. 
Pre-event Pretty. Before the event I had to pose with some of my bosses for that day. Flanked by the eloquent and charming Juliet Terrei, Director of Augustea and of course the beautiful President, Grace.
This conference was the venue to update the crew and staff on latest trends about the ever-changing and prevailing Maritime industry, to share the company status, efforts to give service to seafarers, and most importantly - to hear the feedback of our modern-day heroes on how Augustea can serve them and their families better. Serving them better meant giving their kids scholarships too... here was one of the blessed recipients that night, during our ball! 
Yup, Augustea knows how to have fun too for right after the fruitful conference, we had a fun ball! Music, dancing, great food and drinks were served for everyone to enjoy and celebrate this momentous day! To learn more about them, please visit The Official Website of Augustea Ship Manning Philippines.
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