Sunday, October 4, 2015

Glam up and go: Our Pink-tastic Runway Party with Barbie!

I am still buzzing with doll-light (delight) as I recall sharing the stage with Barbie girls from all over the country who answered the call to glam up and go sashaying down the pink carpet! Yes, Barbie girls unit once more for another memorable party with Barbie! Check out my #BarbieSquadGoals photo: 
PAINT THE TOWN PINK. Yes, Pink is the new red, and it is also Rad! Barbie girls came and conquered - in their cute little Barbie heels, too! 
BARBIE STEPS. Yep, the world is our runway and we can conquer the world with each small baby Barbie step... you just have to always step up, keep going and be better than you were before! 
One small step for Barbie... one giant leap for Barbie-kind! Yes, Barbie girls the world over are kind, helpful, sweet, smart and optimistic! The world loves Barbie girls!!! 
PINK POSITIVE. It was good, pink vibes all over! All of our Barbie girls who walked down the runway shared the biggest glowing smiles! Ah, it's so wonderful to live in a Barbie world! 
PINK UP THE PIECES. Yes we had so many awesome games, most of these involving pink trinkets; here Barbie girls got to design their very own Barbie tees and brought home glam prizes! 
PINK HAPPINESS IN A BOX. Got my dose of happiness boxed in today! It's not everyday that you get to be Barbie, and so, I am happy to share my honorary Barbie doll pose at the Photo Box: 
BOX OF 3S: Check out my Barbie crew... who says you cannot have three Barbie dolls in one box? Spell F-I-E-R-C-E! You KEN be anything you want to be, with Barbie! 
PINK PLATFORM. Just check out the cool set-up before the event began! The Toys R Us Girls Fair is magically fabulous! Loved the tiara arch that made the Barbie girls feel like runway royalty!
- Marylaine Louise Viernes (Click for more Pics)