Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Reliving my Magical & Royal Disney Journey with Frozen's Queen Elsa & Princess Anna! (Part 2 of 2)

Still cannot believe that I had another Disney dream come true, rolling with real live Disney Princesses: Queen Elsa and Princess Anna from the Hit movie Frozen, as we promoted Disney on Ice shows and more! After we posed and played with Princesses from the retail kingdoms known as Forum Robinsons and Robinsons Place Manila (Click here to see my earlier blog post on Disney Frozen Meet & Greet first 2 mall shows at Forum Robinsons and Robinsons Place Manila), we now venture into two other lands only brave souls dare go (as these are both awesome shopping havens) - Robinsons Magnolia and Robinsons Galleria! 
Let me start with our super memorable Robinsons Magolia leg. To view my Disneytastic Youtube video clip in action as the events host, click this link below: 
Now comes my Robinsons Galleria leg for the Frozen Meet & Greet, where I had oodles of fun playing games with the Disney Princesses-in-training, who played games with us before meeting and chatting the lovely ladies of Arendelle... I also shared the stage with the talented American ice skating superstar, Phoebe Flynn!
Even with my growing number of new friends and acquaintances, I still value my old friends very much. So happy to see my beautiful friend Karen. Her husband, DJ is a superb Chef who also takes part in cooking shows at Robinsons malls! 
Move over, Elsa and Anna: Meet Karen and DJ's lovely and loving daughters, big sister Kirsten Dana and Baby Kailee. These two beautiful faces are Princesses-in-the-Making! They can sing Frozen songs as great as Elsa and Anna!
 Fun time with these sets of Princess sisters; time to sing my all-time fave Frozen song: For the first time in forever... 
Speaking of Arendelle, here's another Trivia: This fictional kingdom is most likely based on the Norwegian town of Arendal. And it is nice to note that the "eternal winter" theme of the movie might pertain to the reality in Norway, where winter lasts for 8 to 10 months! Now here is another country I must see in this lifetime! I would love to see this new world, meet new people, dive into new cultures. Won't mind the eternal winter here, for I agree with Elsa that, "the cold never bothered me anyway..." Thanks for visiting; don't forget to click my other links below: 
Just like Anna and Elsa, may we all realise that we are Princesses, or even a Queen deep within! Just find your kingdom... I know where my kingdom can be found; it may be a long, arduous journey, with an "eternal winter" between me and this kingdom... but I know I will be there sooner than I hope as I seek out my relentless summer within... Cheers to such a wonderful and rewarding 2015, and I praise my God, who has revealed to me wonderful things this coming year. Praise be to my loving God the Father, the Source of my life's abundance... Praise be to The Word Incarnate, my Saviour, His Son, Jesus Christ... Praise be to my eternal guide and companion, the Holy Spirit now and forever. May God's Will lead me toward my hopes and dreams (both dreams I consider to be stepping stones and the dream that is my Destiny) through the intercession of my Mother, Mary. Amen.

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