Sunday, November 29, 2015

The dazzling Colours of Christmas bursting at Robinsons Place Lipa!

A bedazzled Christmas to all! Here I am with the kid-beneficiaries of Robinsons Place Lipa, for another Christmas Mall Lighting and Holiday kick-off party!
As happy as can be. Christmas is in the air, in all Robinsons Malls!
It truly is bright and merry at Robinsons, with their exceptional holiday theme, "One Dazzling Christmas at Robinsons Malls!" Found myself screaming like the girls who packed the place and are smitten with this teen heartthrob and guest for that day, Miguel Tanfelix! Watch him dance in my videos below, and for sure - even if you are old enough to be his mom (like little old me) - you will surely scream and fall for this promising and extremely talented young star too... 
Apart from the total star factor - this affair boasted of grand lights and sights! But at the heart of it all was a testament to what Christmas is all about - sharing our blessings and caring for those who need our aid the most. 
CON you see me? In this blast of CONFETTI, see if you can still spot me... 
The Joy of Sharing & Gift-giving. Thank you Robinsons Malls for giving delight to all these kids, and of course to everyone else who were part of this party! 
But probably, the most blessed part of this wonderful and unforgettable affair was the chance to pass by this lovely chapel in Lipa, near the Robinsons Mall... thank you Lord for your immense blessings!
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