Thursday, March 23, 2017

Let's get it on with Netpoleon! Serving as Master of Ceremonies for the Netpoleon Solutions Day

Netpoleon Solutions Day mary-the-host
Unleashed my Superpowers yet again, with the microphone as my sword! I am truly so blessed to be master of ceremonies for the Netpoleon Solutions Day. Calling Diana Prince; I need to play wonder woman for a day... I actually was in a villainous situation for I was asked to come in a look that echoed the day's theme, 'Superheroes,' while still looking all decent and corporate, for this was still an affair led by one of the most distinguished names in IT, NETPOLEON. So this was what I came up with:
Netpoleon Solutions Day mary-the-host
I used a bright blue dress, a red cardigan and made my own accessories using yellow ribbon and red foam paper to make myself a belt and those wonder woman wrist bands. Now I am ready for anything! I was determined to be the superhero of this day; and it all starts with the outfit... gotta look the part when I play the part! 
Netpoleon Solutions Day mary-the-host
The Netpoleon Solutions Day is an ICT event held at the SMX Convention Center in SM Aura Premier, and here I was with the best and the brightest of the ICT industry... I guess you can say that they're the superheroes of this booming, ever-dynamic industry!  
Netpoleon Solutions Day mary-the-host
I'd like to caption this next photo, 'Wonder woman meets Superman...' Though he has yet to shed his Clark Kent look! Or this can be 'Lois Lane with Clark Kent!' By the way, my name is 'Marylaine Louise'... kinda sounds like a jumbled 'Lois Lane,' right? 
Netpoleon Solutions Day mary-the-host
So this photo above shows me sharing the stage with one of the esteemed guests during the audience Q & A, and I guess it's so obvious how we were so much into the Superheroes theme with our 'superhero' poses, we got so carried away! Let me say, "Up, up and away!"
Netpoleon Solutions Day mary-the-host
Netpoleon Solutions Day mary-the-host
And of course, since this blog is dedicated to showcase my craft as an events host and serve as a quick-look resource for many clients who would like to get me for some of their events, here are a few of my videos in action when I hosted this super amazing day...
And now, here's the video of me doing my pre-show voice-over spiels... I would like to think I have a supersonic, adjustable voice that proves helpful in my chosen battle field, with the microphone as my main weapon and my cue cards as my shield...
Here's the video of raffle draw where I tried to make the winner unleash his dance powers... but my superpowers weren't enough...
Lastly, this video (it's quite funny as I just asked one of the tech booth guys to do this, and he kept taking videos of all the other things there, but it's all good) is where I wrapped up this phenomenal, aptly themed show! Congratulations to Netpoleon Philippines and thank you very much for making me a part of this! 
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