Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Money Savvy Moms and Kids troop to the first-ever Smart Parenting Money Strategies event!

They say that money is the root of all evil. I beg to differ. For I'd agree more to 'lack of money is the root of all evil.' At least that's the reality in this country. The one common excuse for crime would be poverty. That's why for me, that quote holds so much injustice. It's the inability to properly handle and make money, plus, untoward greed for money that is evil. 
Good thing that nowadays, learning how to be Money Savvy is gaining ground! In fact, I was again so blessed to be the emcee for Smart Parenting's first-ever Money Strategies event, held really early in the morning! But surprisingly, so many smart moms and their little ones in tow were able to come to the event early, a sign of their eagerness to improve their lives, especially for the sake of their loved ones. Speaking of love, I love this girl below... one of the pretty ladies from Summit Media, group publisher, Ms. Melody De Leon Lalata... 
And more about love, I for one have already set up a savings account for my beloved little boy when he was born. When he was about close to two years old, thanks to his chubby cheeks, cute smile, round belly & rotund bumbum, he landed a TV commercial gig that got him about 50,000 pesos! Since then, all of his savings goes to his bank account. 
But what's more wonderful about being part of Summit Media and Smart Parenting's Money Strategies event, was that I finally understood the value of availing life insurance. With the hopes of course that I won't ever avail the death benefit, but enjoy the longterm life savings that come with it! I have also made my first investment in real estate and I pray for more blessings from God to gift me with a ton more opportunities while enriching my financial wisdom! 
I am truly revelling in the joys of being both a mom and an events host! Thank you, Smart Parenting for always entrusting your empowering events to me! Not only do I get to live out my passion as an events host, but I also learn about the vital stuff, especially when you get superb speakers such as my favourite financial Guru Aya Laraya (who I have met in another Summit Media event, Smart Parenting Baby Shower) and also the admirable FQ mom, Rose Fres Fausto, beside me below! 
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