Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bippity boppity boo! Hosting as Princess Cinderella at Sky Life Dreamland, a Magical Halloween! Part 2

"... A Dream is a wish your heart makes... whatever you wish for will come true... no matter how your heart is bleeding... if you keep on believing... the Dream that you wish... will come true..." This line from the Cinderella movie soundtrack remains fresh in my ears, for perhaps the child within me remains very much alive and hopeful. So blessed was I to become Cinderella only until this program ended, for Sky Life Dreamland, A Magical Halloween! Here are some more of my favourite snaps during the event. First photo, Cinde-Mary flanked by Spiderman, one of my fave Avengers (my other favourite one is Ironman), and my least favourite Avenger too, Captain America: 
ONE SKY. Here I am now at the SKY LIFE booth, interviewing one of the handsome booth princes here, as we talked about Sky Cable, Sky Mobi, Sky Broadband, Sky Direct and more... and right behind me is the beautiful Princess Belle... 
Game time! Rounding up the gang for one of the many games this magical day! 
Sorry I just couldn't get over my look... all thanks to this gorgeous dress from my long-time beloved friend, Musee Valenzuela Quinto, my very own fairy pretty godmother, who is also the fashion whiz behind Shop today and be a Princess! 
This Disney Princess look was certainly a dream come true for me...  
Princesses Galore. Now at the Frozen Kingdom; one of our many fairytale fun booths... 
Here's my plump pumpkin, ever ready to carry me away, from my life's reality, towards this beautiful dream that came alive... Forever thankful to SKY LIFE for their trust in me as an events host... uh, my eyes kinda look like the pumpkin's eyes... LOL... 
Welcome to my kingdom... Dreamland... where dreams (especially mine) come true! 
Backstage with another Princess, this time, it's young Sleeping Beauty... Lady Aurora! 
This has been Princess Mary... I mean Cinder-Mary and I will be back tomorrow for more of my adventures. I am thankful for all the chances to be a princess, a snow queen, oh, and even a Monsteriffic Martian (watch out for my blog post about that fun, out-of-this-world event, also with SKY LIFE)! We are under ONE SKY!
 Make the magic follow you always! And in everything you do, may you always follow your heart... 
Crazy Groupfie!!! Princess Poses... What a pretty mess... 
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