Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The day I became a Princess at Sky Life Dreamland, where dreams do come true! (PART 1)

I am truly so blessed to be walking the path of my dreams, to assume my different personalities each time I emcee an event. By far, and so far, the dreamiest event I've ever been blessed to emcee for was Sky Life Dreamland: A Magical Halloween! Being the host of Sky Cable events was certainly a huge boost in my craft as an events host in so many different ways. Thus I am forever thankful to the beautiful Ms. Chrissy Caballero and her adorable boy, young prince Lyndel, for finding me, by the cinders, and believing in the princess inside of me! 
Speaking of being a Princess... what can I say? Until now I sigh at these dreamy photos, when I truly took on being a modern-day Cinderella for the most magical Halloween event of the year! It truly was a day of magic, games and fun memories! 
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