Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Up, up and Huawei! A thrilling time hosting for the Huawei Road show!

Huawei to go! Hover-boarding and hosting; I got to do both of these activities as I emceed for Huawei's road show, where they launched their newest smart phone! Check out this video below, where I did not just host, but I hover-boarded my way too! Yeehaw! 
Excuse me as I revel in how much effort I put in as a professional host. I mean, it's not everyday you get a host who can hover-board while on the mic while doing spiels. But hover boarding ain't my only talent; I can host while ice skating too! Read on my Shopkins on Ice post right here:

Marylaine Viernes Emcees and Skates for Shopkins on Ice!  

And below is one of the very few photos I had. I just arrived, and I could not wait to get this (road)show on the road! I had a super brief briefing, and then I was up (on stage)! 
I was just so delighted to have interacted with so many wonderful people, especially this lovely little girl named Heart... indeed, she was such a sweetheart and served as my co-host for a few minutes. 
And below here are a few other videos, starting with the opening ceremonies, where I invited people to check out our experience booths... no more hover boarding on these ones any more... 
And also we played a lot of fun games, watch! Huawei to go, everyone! 
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