Monday, April 2, 2018

Kitchen KOOL: Philips Kulinarya tours and cooks for uptown Manila!

The quintessential kitchen. Powered by Philips. Welcome to my Kulinarya Kitchen post where we all get to look back at the colours, flavours of this dreamy summer season... 
The cooling colors of summer. What could be cooler than matching superb culinary talent with state of the art kitchen appliances from Philips? I am so blessed to cook and learn from the best: Philips and Ms. Nancy Reyes Lumen as we visited various gentrified communities in the Metro! In my threefold blog post about our Philips Kulinarya adventures, I will write about our fun day at Valle Verde Pasig, and then Tierra Pura, and last but not the least, in San Lorenzo Makati! 
Photo above is my candid "backstage-helping-the-guys-prep-up-the-cooking-demo-area" pose... Excuse the summer bead of sweat! Sweaty and the show hasn't even started yet! Let's reminisce some more about our awesome cool-inary time with the wonderful folks over at Valle Verde with Philips resident super cook, Ms. Nancy Lumen and her team... 
I did not only learn so much about cooking but also had fun chatting up with the audience, especially the lucky ladies who brought home only the most amazing prizes from Philips! Check out the glee of this lovely lady who gets to walk away with a Philips juicer... wow! 
Time to eat and try out the grub! Leading as the pack of Philips ladies lined up to grab some yummy grub prepared with love by Nancy Lumen in these superb Philips appliances!
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