Monday, September 14, 2015

A Date with Hilarity: Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates, the biggest comedy flick of the year!

Laughing the night away. Where do I begin exactly in my review for 20th Century Fox’s latest flick, ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’? I hadn’t laughed this hard since the last comedy film we saw, Vacation, also by Warner Brothers & 20th Century Fox Philippines.
When good girls go bad. Basically, this hilarious film is top-billed by one of my favourite teen pop star growing up, Zac Efron (who I can never see the same way again), along with funny sexy gal Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza and Adam Devine who plays Efron’s brother in the film. These two handsome, troublemaking brothers find themselves landing hot ‘good girls,’ like how their parents wanted, all thanks to their ad that had been so successful it went viral. But just when their parents thought that Mike and Dave, finally having dates along could keep them out of trouble – guess again, for paradise has never been in trouble like this before! As soon as Mike and Dave arrive with their dates, the woes started brewing sooner than you can say 'espresso', leading viewers to the most white-knuckled pile of the funniest scenes that make you feel like you’ve been hit train after train of laughter – and yet you walk out of the movie house wanting more!
True colors. In a nutshell, underneath that exhilarating hilarity comes the recurring theme at the core of all successful movies: that love, especially for family, prevails. All we need is to be true to ourselves, to accept each other in spite of our flaws. Sometimes this task is hard enough – given the pressures all around us – expectations of society and in this case – in the movie – the expectations of Mike and Dave’s parents to sober up their act for the sake of their sister’s wedding.
Absolutely had a crazy good time. Plus loved the fact that this advance screening was held at the very luxe Uptown Mall Cinemas in BGC! So much fun in store for everyone and don’t forget to bring your special someone too; as this film can get as sultry-raunchy-hot as it is a-breath-of-fresh-air-funny.  Thank you so much 20th Century Fox for such a good time, and of course the pampering session for the media guests too; such a sweet pre-movie treat! Whether your status is single (or double), married or open relationship (or "it's complicated"), make sure to watch 'Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates' today or miss out on the most hilarious big screen adventure of your life!  

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