Sunday, July 24, 2016

M.U.M.S. the word! Hosting Good Housekeeping's Modern Urban Moms of Manila (M.U.M.S) event at the SM Mall of Asia!

Mums the word... or are our Moms our world? Yes, God for Moms, and the people who stand as Mothers for other people. Nurturing, patient and kind, but at the same time, moms can be fierce too when it comes to protecting their young. And I am simply proud to be a mum, and about my love, fascination and adoration for my son? I can never be mum! 
Another thing that gives me pride and joy is my craft as an events host. I get to make new friends, learn a lot, improve myself and just have a reason to pampers myself and pretty myself up a bit. As usual, thanks to Summit Media events for trusting me with their many awesome shows, especially this one!
Video above is Part 1 of my "Man on the Street" segment, where I as the program host went around all the awesome booths for homemakers and super moms and interacted with the concessionaires, guests and partners! I surely had so much fun. And part 2 is seen below: 
Lastly, Part 3 video below. Can you tell that I had too much fun? Everyone else in attendance did too! 
Reunited with old friends. So happy to work again with the people I've also worked with for some campaigns in the past, just like the talented and award-winning hairstyling guru, Ara Fernando who led a segment on beauty, hair and makeup! Below with Chef Roselle Miranda, Yummy magazine's food editor and in-house celebrity chef! 
Photo above with my Giant Carrier and Home Suite family. More about them by clicking the link to my previous blog post: I love Giant Carrier !
And let us not forget another favorite of mine, TINY BUDS Natural Baby Products! Here I am below with the lovely brand manager, Ms. Lorina Tan along with their award-winning and truly wonderful products! Find out why moms and babies absolutely love Tiny Buds, by browsing and shopping at I dare all you Super Moms to #SwitchToNatural! You won't regret it, and your most precious gifts - your little ones, will love you more for it! 
Now, my part-time work for that day, mopping the events floor in between spiels, with my tongue out, mind you. LOL, thanks to my cheeky friend Liz for capturing this crazy snap!
So many super moms and dads came that day! I guess it's safe to say this event was a success! I apologize to my Summit Media family for coming a few minutes prior to the event starting, causing them to have a slight panic attack... But see, I am making up for it - cleaning up the sponsors booth. Thanks for all my past and future Summit Media gigs! 
And another video below, thanks again to my super blogger friend, Liz, for capturing and sending this to me: 
Thanks and please don't forget to click and visits the sites below too! 

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