Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Quantum Fun: Hosting for Quantum Amusement's Nite Life Party!

Thrilled and thankful to emcee for Quantum, the country's premiere family entertainment company where I got to share the stage with the fabulous Gisele Sanchez, who is one of the most respected Filipino comedienne-performers! Here I am below with the gorgeous Gisele along with Mrs. Ponce, the lovely wife of Sir Irwin Ponce, the owner of Quantum! 
Back then, I would simply play at the Quantum amusement centers with friends and loved ones, most especially my beloved Godric! But now, I am so stoked to somehow be a part of their ever-growing family! Thanks are in order for the Quantum leaders, led by my beloved Ms. Olive Dacia, Vice President of the company. Thanks for trusting me to be the master of ceremonies for such an important company event! 
Here's another photo of Olive and I, this time with their kind and brilliant boss, Mr. Irwin Ponce and the other global principals, who flew from the United States, Japan and Singapore to celebrate this special night. 
 Thank you so much to my wonderful Quantum family. More years of prosperity and fun to come! 
Before we end, watch my video hosting this fabulous affair...
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